FRIDAY NIGHT [OT] - Official NeoGAF Weekend Kickoff


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That reaction is very ambiguous. Like as in delete or like as in good?

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Maybe go to the movie theater for the first time in years. Never been to an Alamo draft house and the new m night schlompadong movie looks good. Bautista and holden from mind hunter in it.

Well if you go I wish upon you good co viewers.

I bought some bday stuff to hang around my dad's house for when my birthday baby brother arrives. Always nice imo. Probably drink some beers have some talks and pick up some döner for dinner. Just a nice subdued evening.

I'll make sure to occasionally shitpost here because....


(Not really)

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Had a great evening catching up with my brother (he lives a 2.4 hour drive from me) and got my dad to drink a beer haha.

Were very lucky with our döner plate order; only one missing item haha. Very tasty. Watched some weird AF YT vids and talked about it.

Good chance he'll have some coffee tomorrow morning so all in all very happy.

Now to get further pissed.


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I had Greek pita gyros for dinner today. I still smell like an onion.

Only the essential ingredients: meat, onion, sauce. A gift from the Gods.

Also good. If I eat a lot of onions my nose will reek of it the next day. Like a layer of onion smell wax. I've grown fond of it.
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