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Fighting Games Weekly | May 11-17 | Sticks and Stones Break Zangief's Bones


tagged by Blackace

Week of May 11th to the 17th, 2015.

Fighting Games Weekly is the weekly discussion thread for all things fighting games. News, events, streams, videos, players, drama, everything fighting game related.

Don't know what to watch right now? Check the FGCPros Twitch Group or Jaxel's Stream Viewer. If you want to watch multiple streams at once, you can use Jaxel's customizable multiviewer as well. If you are looking to see what events are coming up past this week, check out the FGC Event Calendar that our own Malice215 put together.

New to FGC-GAF is the FGC-GAF Index which lists the fighting games GAFers plays as a neat reference with some rough statistics to boot. To add yourself to the index, quote this post and use the survey link below. Please remember to save/bookmark the "Edit your response" link so you can edit your responses if/when you buy a game already on the list or a new game that releases in the future.

Last week's thread. An archive of previous FGW threads is available here.​

Last year, GAFer Shouta helped organize donations from various FGC-GAF members to send fellow member QisTopTier to EVO. Q suffers from Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, but has always wanted to go to EVO and we're looking to double up this year and send him to EVO again!

If you want to help out, you can check out the details and pledge on this spreadsheet.

Toryuken 4: Stronghold [ Secondary stream ] [ Saturday ] [ 10AM EDT | 7AM PDT ]
  • Toryuken becomes a part of the two-day Enthusiast Gaming Live convention this year, but also features the most fighting games being run to date.
  • More information is available here.
Go For Broke Tournament Series: Round 2 [ Additional streams: Kombat Network ] [ Saturday ] [ 4PM EDT | 1PM PDT ]

Welcome to our new weekly column! As part of our ongoing partnership with Hitbox.tv and celebrity streamer HeebyGB, we're proud to announce the replacement to the Weekly Player Spotlight, GB's Shoutouts of the Week! We'll start out with a familiar format for the first entry:

What fighting games do you currently play, what is your all time favourite and why?
Yo all the GB's Jeebies out in forum-land! I can feel the love from y'all. I gotta say, getting voted in is a real treat, I'm like the Strom Thurmund of streamers. The dream is growing, and you guys made it happen. We're touching on new frontiers here, so I thought I'd keep it in line with your traditions, keep the adjustment phase slow, you know? Super excited to be a part of the NeoGAF family. Shoutout number one goes to NeoGAF dot com owner and CEO Tyler Malka aka Evilore aka Big Poppa for building us little birdies a nest. Straight away, I don't play video games. I'm just an avatar for the community, you know? You all play the games, I'm just a conduit for your experiences. That's what it's all about. I'm here for you guys. I just provide the passion for our favorite art form and the dedication to the community. On the topic, make sure to check out my 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3 this May 19th starting at Midnight until we drop! All my Jeebies already know, I like to keep up the party. Announcing now, every new subscriber during the stream adds another minute on the clock.

You love it, I play it, let's beat the game in one sitting. It's just you and me against the world, baby.

I know you guys are all hardcore gamers and you want more info than that. I got you. We all love the fighting games here, so for all your 1v1 combat action, we're running Hearthstone all night Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 5PM. Boom. You get off work, hard day, boss yells at you, your girlfriend's a bitch cause you didn't pay the water bill and your dog's got some shit where his leg don't work right but the vet is like, 2 miles away, don't worry about it. Tune out that shit, you deserve better. Let's bash some murlocs. This month only, free chat icons. Except for Druids.

Just kidding, you know I love you guys.
What are your favorite mechanics from the current selection of fighting games and why? What are your least favorite and why?
Paid mods on steam, not close. I'm a content producer, all you guys out there in the Skyrim community are dudes after my own heart. You wanna fight mudcrabs that make funny noises, you got it. You wanna fight all Redguards with a character that looks like Ed Norton, you're covered. Paid mods means the community keeps growing. We all want to support the artists that fix the games we love. We can't just expect games to get released in working condition. These things are sandboxes, and it's up to us to clean up the doggie doody forming the moats around our sandcastles at below minimum wage.

Worst mechanic? PS4 twitch streams. My numbers for PS4 games are down 12% over last month. And for what? 200 fat dudes with 50 viewers each running off cliffs in Bloodborne? Let's get real. Shoutout number two goes to Sony's unwillingness to support you. Nobody wants to watch sub par streamers without the ability to turn a five dollar bill into the playlist song of your choice. I'm watching you, Sony. Hook me up with a sub button on the PSN Store front page. Let's solve this together.

Speaking of together, let's make more dreams a reality, all my Jeebies. Contact https://twitter.com/playstation and make your voices heard. We've got one month to get the direct line to my 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream of the Witcher 3.

We meet our goal, I'm adding three subs at random to my party chat every hour during the stream. Let's chat. We can do this.
What got you into fighting games? Are there any other genre of games you play?
It's all about the people, you know? People log into my Platinum Sub-only chat(here's the hookup: use coupon code MOREMEFORU at checkout on my website heebygb.com for 20% off a four-year membership. BANG.) and they tell me, "yo GB, you got 9th place at a free tournament at NCR that one time, right? So you're like a fighting game genius. How's Mortal Kombat X? Mark-10,000 and DarkSlyde Jim both love it, but those dudes are shills. Give me the truth." And that's a great point you bring up, ProfessorBeef. My extensive success in the FGC(Fighting Games Crew for you new guys) puts me in a unique and vulnerable position, and one I take very seriously. And after my views have doubled the past two weeks, I can say without bias that Mortal Kombat X is the greatest fighting game of all time. Shoutout of the Week number three goes to NetherRealm Studios. Finally, a company that understands the demands of the modern gamer. The smooth animation, lock-tight online play and family-friendly atmosphere keep it a great game to watch me play. In fact, we're upping the count. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all Jeebie-only lobbies. Here's your chance to make life-long friends. And I mean it, I've been getting a lot of messages about the.. difficulties unsubscribing. Don't worry, I'll sort out all the problems right after the 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream of the Witcher 3 this May 19th starting at Midnight.

I tell you what. Anybody unsatisfied with their subs gets one(1) song addition to my playlist of their choice(pending approval) good for the next month, any time you see me online. You got problems, I got solutions. This is a team effort, and I don't leave anybody behind.
What is your favorite fighting game character and why?
Speaking of characters, next shoutout of the week goes to my cousin. Dude used to beat me in Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo with his feet. Two weeks ago, he asks me if he could be a moderator in my chat, and I said no. I don't do disrespect like that. He's not the family I chose. That's all my Jeebies out there, I chose you guys. Everybody's got personal problems, you know? My wife deleted my tinder account, my son is sleeping with his homeroom teacher, my dog's got this problem with his tongue where he can't eat hard foods but all I've got in the fridge are apples and the store closes at 4pm on Sunday, I know. I've been there.

But you and I both know that the only place you belong is in my stream chat. So come this May 19th, we're in it together. The most exciting game since Mortal Kombat X, and we're killing it with a 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3. Everyone's gonna be there, are you?
What do you feel are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a player?
This is some real personal stuff, you know? I've had a lot of highs and a lot of lows trying to bring you guys the best possible stream content seven days a week. My greatest strength is my passion. I love games, more than anything I love sharing my love of games with my friends, all of my Jeebies. But sometimes it's not good enough. Some people want Mortal Kombat, other people want to know how the new Chicken Fries at Burger King taste, and they don't know what to do with themselves until someone else tells them(make sure to check out my new series GB's Tasties on my youtube channel!). But I can't do everything at once. That's my greatest weakness. I can only play one game at a time, in 10-minute segments on a 120-part Youtube playlist.

So that's why I put all my effort into maximizing one awesome game at a time, and this May 19th, that means a 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3. I can't promise it's the game for 100% of people, but you're getting 100% of me. That's what makes streaming an art form. I'm putting myself out there for you guys. Every time I click the button to connect ads to my videos, I feel a little bit more like I understand the Picassos and Dalis of the world. Mega shoutouts to these dudes that paved the path before me. I respect them more than anything. Their art, I don't really understand it, but they made it from the heart, and that's what matters.
Best and worst moments in the your fighting game career?
Every day is the best, man. The worst was day one. No viewers, all alone in the world. But every time a new subscriber pops up on my screen, the hole in my heart gets a little more full.

That's why this shoutout goes to every one of my Jeebies reading this today, tomorrow, and every day.
What do you want from future fighting games?
Better community interaction is a must. What if somebody plays me in a Ranked match and says to themselves, "Hey, that's a dude I'd like to watch stream someday"? There's no way for me to automatically connect them to the promo for my 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3 this May 19th every time they join a lobby with me, and that's a serious design oversight a lot of companies are running into these days. I've contacted Valve and Microsoft about it, but I'm getting radio silence. Normally it's times like these where I like to keep the behind-the-scenes stuff to myself, but it's a perfect time to mobilize the community. This shoutout goes to tha cats at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/. Let's start making our votes count. I want my voice heard, you want my voice heard, let's sound out to the highest authority. That's what community's all about. Making sure I get what I need, for you.
Since Dahbomb strongly encourages pre-orders, what games do you plan to buy that have been officially announced?
That's all up to the Jeebies. I've got a calendar up on my site, and it's up to my friends in the audience to choose what they want to experience. Again, I'm just the conduit. But for all my Jeebies that want to tag along with me, they can grab The Witcher 3 through my Amazon Associate account and join the stream chat for my 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3 on May 19th. I wanna see how everybody's experience is different than mine. What's your funny game story? Shoutouts to my top rated youtube comment from my last Top 10 List(10 Ways Feminism is ruining First Person Shooters):

"53 people have their panties in a bunch" -Karsticles

Nice zinger, Karsticles!
What's the topic for next week's GB's Shoutouts of the Week?
Now that we're all introduced and shit, I wanna start going deep. Next week is all about those moments where our backs are up against the wall, where we've got nowhere to turn and we keep going anyway. We're talking the formative moments of our lives, the times we overcame adversity. That's right, next week I'm shouting out my new Top 10 List: Videogame Origin Stories! You enjoyed them, I enjoyed them, let's relive them and start the conversation. I really wanna hear from you guys on this one.

Also next week, I'm bringing on special guest Vulva to talk about his origin story, and how becoming a Platinum Subscriber to my stream turned his life around.

As always, make sure to Like and Subscribe! To make it easy on y'all, I'm hooking you up with a direct link to the paywall for my 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3 this May 19th:

Don't forgot to check out my donation drive at the link, once we hit $500 it's a three-man playthrough of Secret of Mana coming in June, and at $1000 it's a video series from the EVO2015 floor in July. Every $30 after that gets a food review of a different Italian dinner each time. The calendar's filling up, Jeebies, and I'll take you through it day by day.

Signing off, it's HeebyGB. Putting the Jeebies first.

Super Desperation Radio [ 9:30PM EDT | 6:30 PDT ]
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Marvel Mondays [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
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UltraChenTV: First Attack & Lv3 Focus [ 11:30PM EDT | 8:30PM PDT ]
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Often, some fighting games can seem intimidating to players new and old. Check out previous OTs for a bunch of resources that may be of aid to new players, or handy as references.

- - -

If you have any suggestions for the OP, please do not hesitate to post in this thread or (preferably) PM me to let me know.
Dat sensible title selection as always.

Quick reminder, check out my 24-hour(plus!) Launch Livestream for the Witcher 3 this May 19th!



I don't know who this HeebyGB fella is, but for some strange reason I really want to give him all my money and watch his stream on the 19th.


This is the best interview I've ever read. To express my appreciation to this fine work, please donate to my stream, and subscribe to become a Emby and get free emoticons (free!) to use in other stream chats. Thanks for all thr support guys, love and hype.
Goddamn. That interview was better than Blackule's, and that means something.

Edit: the game in the stream pic looks like Secret of Mana. Pretty good game.


Anyone entering Toryuken next weekend?

I'll be entering Smash 4 (my main focus)/Marvel/Persona, though I might enter DoA5LR for funsies even if I'm pretty bad it lol.
Snake Eyez needs a new character. So does Strider. That Infiltration counterpick was too good.

Snake Eyez just let Infiltration hit all of those buttons and had no answer but jumps.


Today (May 11th) is the last day for registering or you might have to pay an extra $20 for being late.

Get in there mayne

It's this saturday and sunday right? I should be able to attend Saturday, but Sunday would probably be a problem...So Id probably drop 56 bucks for one day of Toryuken.
Snake Eyez needs a new character. So does Strider. That Infiltration counterpick was too good.

Snake Eyez just let Infiltration hit all of those buttons and had no answer but jumps.

I have seen both of them use Evil Ryu before. They probably just need to whip him out more in major situations to get comfortable but since they are mostly character specialist for so long, they probably like their comfort zone even in bad matchups.


edit: The Evil Ryu vids of Strider seem to be back from AE 2012 against Wao. Might be out of practice with him.


Ya mango went off today.

His loser's bracket run:
Jace 3-0
Westballz 3-0
Hax 3-1
Leffen 3-0
Shroomed 3-0
Lucky 3-1
Hbox 3-0
Axe 3-1
Fly 3-0, 3-0

Mango went 30-3 in games in loser's, and 10-0 in sets.
i'm a little happy mango admitted in the interview that ice climbers sucks and there's no reason for a character like fox to respect them at all. it explains why that grand finals was so painful to watch at times. fox was literally juggling and free-flowing between the climbers and getting these nasty early kills. mango is the GOAT, but maining 20XX doesn't hurt.
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