FRIDAY NIGHT [OT] - Official NeoGAF Weekend Kickoff


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"It's Friday! Time to go make stories for Monday."
“Life is good, especially on a Friday.”
“These are the things to live for.”

Look at me Mr. Optimistic.

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Doesnt need recognition
It already is. Shame most won't/can't or will participate.

Still need a good pun or whatever.


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It already is.
It's not in the title, so it's not official.
Shame most won't/can't or will participate.
Once it is official, and in the title, people will come. The true friday animals won't resist.
Still need a good pun or whatever.
We still have a week before it's official, and in the title, so lets not force it. Once the perfect phrase drops, we know the Friday OT is ready.


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These weeks go to quick. This week it's red wine, not really a fan butI think of how much of a fucked up week it's been while I listen to the Nier soundtrack

And my god, I never thought that life can throw so much bullshit at a human. Sometimes I think about what happens to me and think that some people have it worse still

We ALL should have so much of a better life.


Doesnt need recognition
Anyone submitting any clever OT names for the thread? "Friday Night - I Reach for my 40..."

Only the old folks might get that one.

Friday Night - Gamers Unite. < Lame

I dunno. I asked couple times but no one seemed to care.

40's is that big gangsta beer right?

My Friday is going to be lame this week. I think Covid was getting passed around my wife’s office. She was sick all week and now it’s my turn.

If I pass, I want 22•22 22•22 to inherit my likes and Con-Z-epT Con-Z-epT the love reactions. I’d like to be buried with my lols.

That's very kind. You'll make it through though. You survived rougher storms. Take it easy brother.... <3

Speaking of brothers, my little bro turns 38 today and we'll meet late afternoon for dinner and stuff. So not sure how active I'm gonna be tonight
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