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Destiny |OT42| Embrace the Not-Knowing


Is it not possible to do more than five of the RoI quests in hard mode at the moment? I've done:

Download Complete
The Iron Tomb
The Plaguelands
King of the Mountain
The Walls Come Down

... but everything else with the RoI icon doesn't have a hard option. All others raid related?


Wait, so the patch notes today nerfed Omnigul farming, but I'm still stuck at >360 light. How am I supposed to farm light levels now?

EDIT: Whoops, there's a new thread up


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playing sepiks and these two douchebags aren't helping me out at all. they're just kickin it far back and Im doing all the work
Need one more for the final fight, I have a good team. Just need one to fill this last spot. Someone come help with this quick kill. Join KeanBurke
Looking for a Hunter and Warlock for Be the Battery on PS4. I'm on Step 5.

Or I can join a group who is on a step before me, don't care either way

Edit: looks like I'm good


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I feel like I'm missing something so I'll just ask;

How do I get beyond 350 Light? Rare Engrams decrypt to 340. I can do the Heroic Strike Playlist ( though this is a real grind because of lots of people dropping out and some particular strikes becoming significantly harder with current modifiers ), but after numerous strikes all I'm getting is 351 Light gear drops. I'm not even joking or exaggerating. I also have no clue on how to get Skeleton Keys beyond the one I got from the story...

Any advice?

I'm going through the same struggle. Took me four days to go from 347 to 351.
It's very frustrating.

I don't think I should have to farm the same strike over and over again for loot. Which turns out to be two 351 blues and a legendary engram that turns into a year two gun at 350 light.

I've even had multiple exotic engrams turn into gear that is lower than my current light.
ok adding.

Anyone down to do the 2nd part(where it requires one of each class) of the exotic questline in four hours? I need a Warlock that has gotten the Siva Engine.

Preferably ~2:30pm EST

1.) Titan - Me
2.) Warlock -
3.) Hunter -Biggy

Hey add my friend Mallymall88. He's a warlock who needs this part of the quest too. He's on right now


I am stuck on "That light may bind" step of the exotic pulse quest. I guess I need a warlock to help my buddy and I.

Completely lost on how to get this part done. We know the nodes we have to fill in but finding a warlock to help is proving very difficult.


I'm all set for Xur's arrival.

Can someone please explain the difference between the range and stability stats for weapons?

Range: how long until damage fall off begins and how far away aim-assist stops working. Different gun types have different profiles for damage decreasing to half-damage by range (e.g. shotguns and hand cannons hit minimum damage very quickly)

Stability is how fast it returns to center/resists recoil.
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