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Lets guess the next Director's Cuts from PlayStation

What are the next Director's Cut releases from PlayStation? (Pick as many as you want)

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To be honest all PS4 first party games already look good or they can benefit from a 'simple' next-gen patch bumping the resolution, the framerate and the textures.

I would prefer is Sony focused on proper sequels or other new games. Or bringing back some PS3 games as remakes would be cool. I'd play Killzone or Resistance remakes.
I have a feeling you're going to have more and more company as time goes by.

I voted for them all. I think Sony values it's exclusives quite a bit, and that part of their strategy is release and re-release their games as frequently as the market allows. It allows them to fill the gaps between releases... with previous re-releases. It also gives them a nice revenue bump with relatively little effort and cost.

It makes sense business wise.
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