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Resident Evil Village - sets new series record on PC


Jul 24, 2019
Resident Evil Village looks to be a big hit for Capcom. It has achieved over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam (beating previous series record holder RE2: Remake by over 25,000 players). It's also broken the series record on Twitch, and is the number 1 best selling video game on Amazon.

Resident Evil Village is the biggest RE launch in Steam or Twitch history | PCGamesN

I'm personally loving the game, and think it's a significant step up over the already-excellent Resident Evil 7.

Congratulations Capcom!


Apr 17, 2015
This screenshots lack of contrast has triggered me so PSA for SDR and HDR calibration:

For SDR:

  1. Set 1st screen to maximum (White level), if the checkerboard disappears at or before max then your while level (usually called "contrast" in the settings) is set too high on the display. Its okay if it disappears at max but it should be visible at -1 from max.
  2. Set 2nd screen to minimum (Black level). You MUST do this to get proper black levels/contrast in SDR, especially if you have a FALD LCD or OLED.
  3. Set 3rd screen to default then check the game and increase or decrease it if its too dark or too grey overall. Mostly likely it will be far too dark and require increasing past default, how much depends on the brand/model of display you have. If you have to lower it then something is probably wrong in your display settings or you have a really cheap panel and there just isn't much you can do.
If you set the first two sliders as above and have crushed shadows even after boosting the 3rd slider to max then set the 2nd slider to +1 from Min but thats a last resort, you should be able to uncrush the shadows/fix the brightness with the 3rd slider unless something is set really wrong in your display settings.

So just ignore the instructions it gives for SDR, its all bollocks and you will never get true blacks (when the game actually sends them out) without setting the 2nd slider to Min. Also, the game will rarely actually send out true blacks so don't keep the 3rd slider low in SDR to make the shadows/blacks deeper in general because the parts that are meant to be actually dark will be unplayable.

For HDR:
  1. Set 1st screen to when the smaller square just disappears (Peak brightness). It says just before it disappears but you will leave brightness on the table if you do that, a bit of clipping is fine in this case since most highlights have been clipped intentionally in RE Engine RE games so far. You maybe need to lower this from default to see the square at all on an OLED, but you'll probably have to increase it to make the square disappear if you're on an LCD.
  2. Set 2nd screen to default, should be fine on default though from what I've seen so far.
In fact I really don't recommend to move the 2nd slider off of default at all, if the in-game image is messed up after setting the sliders as above then its probably your display settings that are wrong.
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