Triple Dipping


Ask me how many copies of Skyrim, RE4, Sonic and Zelda I have...

Actually don't
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I bought Resident Evil 6 3 times.

Xbox 360
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch

Honestly the most fun I've ever had in a RE game ever.
I love the gameplay in RE6, it's surprising to see how much depth and freedom the player has compared to the previous entries. It's such a damn shame they scrapped everything moving forward and didn't repurpose the gameplay systems of RE6 into another game.


Yes. Pissing me off big time. Last one I remember is House of the Dead Remake, which initially launched on the Switch, only to be announced for other platforms a while after. As is with most games, they show performance issues on Nintendos weak hardware, so you get shafted if you bought the Switch version. In THoTD:R case, there's also the whole aiming controls wormhole I'm not going into.

There have been a lot of bizarrely asymmetric games where the version that looks/performs best and controls best are on different platforms. My favorite example ever is RE4: Wii Edition. It'll still be the best one in how it feels to play, even after the remake. Which is too bad, the hardware options should be there.


Not really a problem for me since I play mainly on Xbox and all my games on BC. Still playing the original game, and often they run much better. Lightning Returns is 4K@60fps and I did not have to buy it again for example.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Triple dipping ?

[laughs in 6 retail purchases of RE4]

GC, PS2, Steam, 360, PS4, XBO
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I got Bad North on Xbox (I think it might have been on Gamepass and I bought it) then I picked it up on Switch to play on the Train to work (Pre-Pandemic) and just this week I bought it for my phone.

I think the Switch Version was getting on for double what I paid for the Xbox version (I think I got it on sale) and the phone version was half the price I paid for the Xbox version.

Xbox really needs to put out a handheld system, IMO.

As with adamsapple adamsapple I bought RE4 repeatedly too (GC, 360, Xbox One) and will add the remaster to the list once available.
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If the game is not already the definitive edition forever forward compatible, it's not worthy buying. Maybe when it's very very cheap.


Skyrim is probably the worst offender. How many generations and platforms has this game been made for? I mean, I love the game, but I really didn't feel the need to buy the port for my refrigerator. :pie_roffles:

It's has sold over 30 million games, so I guess it makes sense for them to keep milking with additional versions, but I think it crazy that people keep buying them.
Bethesda is going beyond triple dipping. They are grabbing handfuls of dip.

Lady Jane

I triple dipped on Halo 3 multiplayer
  1. Halo 3
  2. Halo 3: ODST (which included Halo 3 multiplayer + more maps)
  3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection
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Lately there’s this trend of games releasing exclusively on one platform initially and then later releasing with an upgraded version:

The deep lolz.

"trend".....where have you been?

Me being the fucking bitch that I am have much more then I realized lol Looking thru my collection I decided to omit remakes as I consider those not the same version and only see the whole double, triple dip etc for the same game, different resolution or collection..that being said.

RE4. On GC first, PS2, and PS4 version
RECV. Dreamcast, PS2 with X and PS3 PSN version.
RE2. PS1, GC, PS3 from PSN.
Oblivion. PC, PS3..GOTY for PC....GOTY for PS3 (dear god help me lol)
Fallout 3 for PC, PS3, GOTY version on PC
Lumines PS2, PSP, PSVita, PS3 (dear god I love that game)
GTA III PS2, PS3 (off of PSN) (I might have a PC version)
GTA SA, PS2, PS3 and I believe I have a PS4 HD version from PSN
Metal Gear Solid 3. PS2...again on PS2 with Subsistence, PS3 HD collection, 3DS.

Thats about it as far as I can see tbh. Funny too, as much as we joke about Skyrim and GTA V, I only own the PS3 and PS4 versions, didn't get the other Skyrim re-release that just came out or the VR one and don't plan on getting the GTA V one for PS5 anytime soon. So it really depends on the game, the features added, how much I replay it etc. Some of my favorite titles I didn't buy 3 times too. Persona 3 and 4 I have no plans to buy the PC or PS4 versions and will just stick the PS3 PSN verions I have.

Maybe my list would have been bigger if some publishers ported sooner. Onimusha for example, i would be a collection on PS3 DAY 1, but that 1 game came to PS4 so....I just have that to go on, but for all we know I would have owned more versions if they put them out or something lol
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It's really annoying for someone like me who only plays games once. Once I know the story to something, I have no desire to reexperience it. Especially when there are so many new games to try out.

Having gamed for decades, I can often predict which games are going to get re-releases/DLC and just wait until the entire game comes out to play it. But there are some games like Elden Ring that I cannot just wait 2 years for the DLC to experience it.
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