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|OT| sTrEeTs Of RaGe 4 ~ rAgE iN tHe CaGe

Punished Miku

Gold Member
Jan 13, 2018
I keep dying and getting game over as soon as I get a little ways past the dudes that keep their hands in their pockets. I suck at this. Maybe I’ll try Easy mode.

They counter all jump kicks. They get invincibility and a free hit when getting off the ground.

So never jump kick them, and when you knock them down, back away.

The highest level jump kick guys also have a long range attack and they have a yellow bandana.


Aug 27, 2007
Barcelona, Spain, Europe.



Dec 7, 2008
He is trash at it. Also this game is easier solo. (outside having someone use Axel SOR2's super on a boss while you juggle him forever in a corner)

Well you guys are trash after all.
how about i juggle you in a corner

FF OFF ruins multiplayer in every game

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Punished Miku

Gold Member
Jan 13, 2018
Well I did a Mania Arcade run and died about halfway through the final level. Way further than I ever got on my own before, and I felt like I made multiple mistakes.

Multiple times I had 4 lives, so it seems like they adjusted the points a bit. Never had that many before.

Some parts are slightly harder, like the bathhouse has an extra muay thai fighter. The concert level has about 40 enemies with all weapons. But all the adjustments are so much better, and more fair. Removing some of the cheap shots was really all I wanted, like the constant invincibility and wake up hits.


Unconfirmed Member
Nice feature. What old arcade beat em up are you talking about? I don't remember none aside when someone toss a knife or something like that.
It worked something like that yes. Nothing like doom's infighting though.
Glad they’ve nerfed knifey McCuntyfuck. That one level where you get loads of them with knives on poles is so obviously trolling us about the knifey bastard.
You can hit him without jumping though?
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Punished Miku

Gold Member
Jan 13, 2018
I wanna get this, but I don't want to shell out full price.
Shitty I know. Gotta wait.
It's a short game. If it doesn't click for you and if you don't replay it a ton, I could see people not wanting to spend the money. But if it clicks, it's worth every penny and I've played it 100 hrs so far.

I'm sure it'll go on sale, so might as well wait at this point.