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|OT| sTrEeTs Of RaGe 4 ~ rAgE iN tHe CaGe

Punished Miku

Gold Member
Jan 13, 2018
Fake and me play coop and thats why we had take these observations.

I love played with Adam. Finally after all these years the man could be back from whatever Sega smoked before to not let him.

But by play with him, I notice my brother has a lot of problems with evasive action. He plays with Axel and its a chore to dodge this new character horde of missiles for instance, while its not a problem for me. I can't even imagine how is to play alone with the disciple of Zam. This ilustres one of main problems with this game. Enemies could simply run in circles towards certain characters because of how much slow they are. But enemies? Lol, the fatso is supposed to be slow but have mid-range attack. But now he simply rows everywhere, have endure and mitigate what is supposed to be his weakness.

Its a great game noneless...just has s lot of weird design choices.
My main is Floyd. It can definitely be done. Its just a lot of repetition and learning the attacks. The air specials do help with fast movement but its an adjustment. I have 165 hrs in the game played. It was pretty challenging when I first started but its very well designed and you can keep getting better. Floyd has some huge advantages with his ability to grab multiple people at once too.