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So Naughty Dogs next game is going open world right?

Naughty Dogs next original single player game (TLoU3 or new IP) will be...

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Naughty Dogs next original single player game (new IP or TLoU3) is going to be open world right? They've been on a linear design streak for a while but surely that has to be ending considering their work on Factions II and just how well open world games are doing in the market lately. What you think?



I mean they already had big open areas on games like Uncharted 4, seems more than obvious they were playing with that idea but then again wasn’t there an old rumor saying their next IP is on space and first person?


These people genuinely miss out on so many great games imo

3/10 -IGN btw...



Represent(ative) of bad opinions

In an interview with IGN, Druckmann states that The Last of Us: Part 2 was originally designed to be more open-world.

you bet your ass they are building the tech around open world for their next game.

After Horizon Forbidden West and its insane production value for all sidequests, etc, im sure ND could take that to even higher levels. Hopefully they can change the game with a new approach.

Open World shouldn't mean shit story, zero set pieces, etc.

Leave it to ND to deliver the GOAT open world experiecne on their first try.
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oh no. I dont want everything to be open world.
ER is a big hype right now but I don't like it as much as their previous games...


I remember them saying they dont wanna do open world games around the TLOU1 time.

Id trust Naughty Dog to do a good job of an open world game. FromSoft did a great job and in general I like alot of the elements an open world bring, it has its down parts.
Naughty dog are known for there animations, voice acting, attention to detail and roller coaster action, so if they can implement that into a large team for an open world game they could do some great new stuff

Im looking forward to the TLOU Online game, and if the rumours are true about the part mentioning: A single player like experience in an online game.

But I dont want them to think and feel they are forced to make an open world game, just do what you do best
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Not sure if fully open world, but I do expect it to have more open areas. It's the trend they have been going towards with Uncharted the Lost Legacy and some of the earlier areas of TLOU2.

Normally I'd prefer them to keep doing more linear games. But ND under Druckmann makes games with such awful pacing that getting a bit more freedom in the form of larger areas sounds nice.


oh no. I dont want everything to be open world.
ER is a big hype right now but I don't like it as much as their previous games...
I have yet to play Elden Ring because of my course.

What do you prefer about the old games to the new format?


Open-world games are becoming a bubble. It's not sustainable nor health for the industry that every franchishe becomes a 60+ hours open world game.

However, Naughty Dog was already experimenting with more open environment with non-linear progression since Uncharted 4. Lost Legacy and TLOU2 follow the same steps.

So I don't know, I think we need to wait and see.


The open world freedom tends to mess with the flow of narrative story driven games. It'd be interesting how Naughty would tackle that if an open world direction.
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Hope not. Elden Ring, while really good, isn't as good as some previous From games because of the open world.


Just not another Sony style/ ubisoft open world please...we really don't need it they are boring me to death.
I just played far cry 4 and the only game that comes of having a bad open world like that game (from Sony) is Spider-Man and a little from Ghost.

I'm starting the AC franchise this year, but if they're like Far Cry 4... oh boy does Ubisoft not know how to make Open World games.
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I REALLY hope it’s not open world. We already have way too many open world games and we need more well made linear games. Even semi-open world like TLOU2 works.
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James Sawyer Ford

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I don't care. Wide linear like GoW or Bloodborne is fine.

What I really want them to do is make more interesting gameplay and progression systems. They seem stuck in 2009 in many ways.
So Naughty Dog should make a open world game just because Elden Ring was successful?

If you look at lists of the best selling games over the last decade or so, you'll see how heavily it skews towards open world. I think Elden Ring blowing up when Dark Souls, Demons Souls, and Sekiro struggled further hammers down the point.


'Wide Linear', best of both worlds.
I went with 4th option and wonder why that is so low on votes, but you are completely right, LOU2 was wide linear and I'm betting that the next ND game will be too. Open world is a completely different gameplay structure and I think Naughty Dog will stick to what they are good at and keep it linear or as you say (wide) linear.
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