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Nintendo's /SEGA's struggles in providing legacy service is thorned by the rise in retro handhelds, plagued by years of pirating and consumers...


I would not pay for a service. Release them individually and I'll buy them when I want. Better make it cheap since you can emulate everything easily.

Cutty Flam

Question to you:

Based on the type of consumer you seem yourself, how much are you willing to pay for a service that allows you to play official retro titles from Nintendo and Sega?
I’m gonna buy it towards the end of the year to mainly play N64 games. $50 for a year is fine if you’re a fan of oldschool games

Although, with the quality of the netcode issues with lag and such, $30 to $40 dollars in total would have been more reasonable. Until Nintendo fixes embarrassing issues with their online experience, I wont be saying the $50 they’re charging is justified. If you’re advertising for online, have a satisfactory online product. The online is not excellent, but they games themselves are
The problem for Nintendo is easy to fix. They need to stop Amazon selling these devices, it's insane Amazon is able to distribute a huge range of devices from their own warehouses in the west (all original manufacture in China) that are packed full of pirated material.

I honestly don't get why Amazon get away with it.
The people who grew up with these games aren't fond of digital-only.

SEGA and Nintendo should just re-release a modernized version of their original hardware (SNES/Genesis/whatever). Give it HDMI out and make it play nicely with modern TV sets. Then, re-release all games on physical format (boxes, full-color manuals, cartridges). They'd make a ton of money from collectors and such at very low production costs. They could sell all of this at very profitable prices. Emulation has no effect on this type of target group. Look at the people buying Evercades.


I prefer to pay. Not out of honor. It‘s about convenience and interface. Nintendo is just so horrible with providing digital services. They just suck with technology.

Im guessing they figure it best if their audience doesnt carry a library with them through gens. They have to start fresh every gen. Why would a mom buy their kid Mario, if they have 20 marios at home. Its SMART, not that I think about It. Every causal I know would be happy with Animal Crossing from gamecube. Mario Party from gamecube. They wouldnt notice the issue. As long as you can download it. But they cant.

I can’t handle ugly interfaces. Thats why I pay the Apple tax. Bless the design gods. Only reason I dont use emulators. It also feels dirty. Im the best customer.
There is a lot of truth to this. Nintendo favour quality over quantity, and traditionally they have delivered on that promise. Wii onwards things started to change, but they mostly stick to the same old game plan because they’re still making games for the same audience they’ve always targeted: families.

But at the same time, that doesn’t excuse their inability to cater to a secondary market that absolutely wants classics. Get in touch with license holders, say “We’re putting loads of old shit online, straight split of profits, money for old rope, you don’t have to do anything here, yes or no” and have a proper store again.
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