NFL 2012 Week 7 |OT| Shhhhhhhh


Ball game.


Fuck this team, back to the basement of the NFC North where we belong.

And the best part is, all of the Lions fans spent the offseason bitching about how we didn't address the defensive needs, but it's the offense that has let us down in so many games now. And it looks more and more like it's the offense that will get addressed in this year's draft. It's pathetic. I feel pathetic for even still having the game on. We won't make the playoffs this or next year, at the very least.


Absolutely pathetic. Three times in the redzone, three turnovers. All season long we have failed to convert in the redzone and that has been our main problem even ahead of special teams.
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Wildcard berths that can't beat teams without a winning record should have homefield advantage
Logan is the worst returner in the league.

Also, Detroit may not win another game this year.


It's ok Lions, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if that light is actually a flashlight with low battery and is about to die, it's still a light.


Persecution Complex
We have been in every game this year sans maybe the 49ers game. Schwartz gets one more year after this year. Don't forget he picked up a 0-16 team and led us to the playoffs last year.

This coaching staff deserves the benefit of the doubt for at least one more year.


At least, Titus Young and Broyles have started to show a little bit of something. They might actually become useful next year if Titus hasn't gotten arrested or something by then.

But Young's little godly hand-wave is already pissing me off.


My god, how do teams still not know to draft O-linemen? Doesn't make sense.

Lions are awful. Contract them. And the ohio teams. And the Jags.

Boom! Redistribute the talent, parity accomplished. We'll take Fatford as a backup!
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