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Beta Version of Fan-Made Resident Evil 1 First-Person Remake Now Available


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

As spotted by DSOGaming, user PerroAutonomo has finally released the beta version of their Resident Evil remake, which reimagines the classic survival horror game from a first-person perspective. Simply called "Biohazard," the modder's project is still a work in progress with some areas that need to be built, but players can now download this early iteration from Itch.io. The game has been made in the Unity engine, but still retains the general visual style reminiscent of the original.

PerroAutonomo released test footage from their first-person Resident Evil project last September, which shows the player roaming around the infamous Spencer mansion before taking on a wandering zombie. While the original three entries in the series popularized the third-person fixed camera perspective, the beta of "Biohazard" brings the quarter of a century old game into an era in which the modern Resident Evil games favor the first-person viewpoint. It should also be mentioned that the modder has made the beta free to download and insists this is a fan project not intended for profit.


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that's quite good and actually creepy. There is something about low-polygon visuals and artstyle that can be even freakier lol


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Experience RESIDENT EVIL 1 in FIRST PERSON with this REMAKE of the original game! Full Gameplay Walkthrough & Download.

Download RE1 First Person

Resident Evil 1 First Person Remake Full Gameplay Walkthrough featuring Rebecca Chambers of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team as she makes her way through the Spencer Mansion, underground caves and the Umbrella Laboratory. Battle Zombies, dogs, hunters & a giant snake. Featuring all cutscenes, enemies and bosses.
I really like the way this looks. They've actually tried to go for a specific look of PS1 pre-rendered backgrounds come to interactive life. Reminds me of the first-person hunter cutscene:

This and the new Render96 mod for Super Mario 64 have the right idea. Modders should stop trying to make their projects look ultra realistic and instead make them like 1990s CGI rendering on steroids.
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