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Holy shit I literally flinched when Charli popped up on screen. I'm sorry, but she honestly startled me.
I guess, I am too much of an optimist, that I thought this gal was the same who were on the stage the whole time. I thought she lose weight.

Same hair I guess...


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Delay to summer 2022. I'm calling it. Too much backlash over no co-op at launch.
Maybe, if so I reckon they've got wind that Sony are definitely delaying Horizon too. They'll both respectively put all their eggs in their Battlefield and CoD marketing deals this Christmas.


Froza looks cool.

Random thought though, can you active some on screen guides to tell you where to go? Or do you need to rely exclusively on the minimap?


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Oh wow, I was hoping for a "one more thing" kinda deal, but oh well. I'm hyped for Forza.


The whole frstival thing is the worst part of Horizon. It doesnt stop it being an incredibly fun game though.
Yes it's awesome... But the constant stereotypical chattering is extremely annoying.

And that was it?

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