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Will Nintendo Switch reach the sales of the Sony PS2?

Will the Nintendo Switch reach the sales of the Sony PS2?

  • Yes

    Votes: 129 58.4%
  • No

    Votes: 92 41.6%

  • Total voters
One advantage the OP didnt mention is multiple sales to the same households. I have a Switch and my 2 boys each have their own.

I only ever owned 1 PS2
PS2 was a juggernaut and dominated the industry as only the NES did, but the market is much bigger today and switch is not only popular but also manages to sell to people that already have another console very easily as its perceived as a "different kind of product" wich works very well in its advantage(similar to Wii), the only way for it to not sell more than PS2 is if a new successor comes up or a sudden lack of interest like wii experienced around the time that red wii revision came up, not counting external factors like recession, lack of chips and possibility of a ww3 that may or may not negative(or positively) affect its sales


They will make the switch 2 or switch pro count towards the 'switch family of system sales', so yes

Also, multiple homes can/will have multiple switches, and a lot of the hard-core will upgrade to the a pro model or 2 model, while the rest go down in price, and keep on selling

Crazy to think the successor of the Wii u is about to be the best selling system of all time, and it's a handheld. Crazy
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It Will. I have bought 3 Lites. 2 as gifts and one for myself.

They are cheap and offer great value, plus it has Pokémon.


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It easily will, no questions asked. We're already in its current lifespan and its broken 110 million in 5 years. extend that by like 4 more years of support from nintendo and it'll easily outdo the PS2
the more interesting question is if it will be the first videogame console to break the 200 million barrier. now THAT would be legendary


They way things are currently going, I don't see it surpassing PS2 sales. I understand it is selling well, but even the beast that was the DS went from 17m FY6 to just 5m the next year. Switch is already getting rather long in the tooth.
I would expect the next Nintendo console to be out by 2024, and I imagine support will shift heavily to that.


No. Purely due to production (it will cease when the successor is released), and (I assume) the lack of piracy (R4 drove a lot of 2nd DSs imo).


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It depends if they drop that price, by how much, and when. Nintendo has been aggressive with the Switch in just about every way, so I wouldn't hold my breath.



But that isn’t to discredit how cool the switch is. It’s just hype slowing down, and pressure on Nintendo to get a better performer will have them shelve the switch quicker than Sony did the ps2.


Here we go again..." the Switch is not a console"


" mummy they're trying to say that Nintendo Switch is/will be better/more successful than [insert favourite PS/MS console here]. Please make them stop."
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I believe our house hold has gone through 5-6 switches, including the lite. We are currently down to 1 active OLED model now. Also counting the lite and main model, it should come close to PS2 levels, next 2 years could still be very successful for the Switch. Not unreasonable. If they every get some decent price cuts.


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I voted no, but definitely think it’s possible.

If they manage to keep to their forecast of 21M for FY6 they’ll be at around 128M by march 2023.

With a price drop I wouldn’t rule out that they’ll be able to sell an additional 17M in FY7 and another 10M in FY8.


I think Switch can surpass PS2 sales ONLY IF they leave Switch on the market as a entry level machine for kids, like a 3DS successor, while they release the full compatible next console.
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Does the Deck output to a TV and let you play using a comfortable gamepad? That's really all a console is. That's what Switch does -- I mean the dock is not "sold separately" (comes included), and the Switch is intended for TV play as much as it is for handheld.


It is a Hybrid Handheld from my perspective. I still wouldn't call it an exclusive console. It's meant for mobility the way it is designed down to the controllers, the thing has a screen on it.


Not sure, but I’d say no because keeping up with the rate of the PS2 seems astronomical these days. Everything is up in price and it seems they may present new hardware once next-gen actually picks up steam.

Just because they’ve had continued successful, doesn’t mean they won’t introduce a new hybrid either. It’s really about however Nintendo foresees this gen. I see at least another couple of years.

I do know many people now who buy them secondhand at this point tho, as there hasn’t been much of a price reduction from the Switch whatsoever.

EDIT: I’ve had 3 PS2’s. 2 of which, obviously died. Electronics are a lot more reliable these days too.
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No. Per person.

Families = more than 1 person. I was talking about a single person that owns/owned 3+ units.
People for some reason like to own more than 1 handheld. I had a og 3ds, then got a xl. I know someone with a og switch at home but travels with a lite
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People for some reason like to own more than 1 handheld. I had a og 3ds, then got a xl. I know someone with a og switch at home but travels with a lite
Yes. Again, no one is saying otherwise. Still doubt it will reach PS2 numbers.


Funny that the battery life came up. I was hearing on the news on my way to work yesterday that the battery of the switch is to be dead within the next 3 years? It was one of those random tech segments on the show, so I found that interesting.


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Depends on how popular the switch can stay after the release of the next console.

Ps2 got a $199 price near the end of life and a $99 after the ps3 came out which helped it in non main regions.

If the next Nintendo console can play all the switch games then I do not see the switch having that string of sales after the new console comes out.

So while it’s not impossible it’s a different market with different factors.


it could but i think it'll be tight. we'll need to see what Nintendo's plan is. So far we know the Switch isn't going to be replaced until 2024. I know we have BOTW and no doubt more Pokemon games coming but I think Nintendo would need another big title to keep it going into 2024. Still too early to tell really. I suspect Switch will surpass PS4/Gameboy this year and will get to 130-135m quite easily by 2024. If Nintendo want any chance of being #1 they need to have another big title (or two) in the works and be seriously thinking about a proper price drop and maybe even an updated/cheaper Switch Lite.
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As bullish as I am, I'm still not saying easily.
This is the Internet we go all in on our opinions, will not budge on them and defend them to the death. No half measures. Either the PS2 gets toasted or... well there is no other outcome the PS2 is just getting toasted end of discussion.


We have Splatoon 3 coming out which will have at least two years of content updates.
We have Mario Kart 8 that will still be getting tracks until the end of 2023.
BOTW2 is coming out next year.
More Pokemon games aka system sellers.
Plus whatever else they haven't announced.

I'd say so.


I would say that it has a very good chance... and that chance goes up significatly if we see a price drop across all of the different versions. Either way will be interesting to follow.


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I think it is inevitable, as long as Nintendo keep on manufacturing it.

I hope it does anyway, would be nice to see a console in todays climate to beat an older console out....Plus I think Nintendo genuinely deserve it. Absolute genius idea, design and marketing. Great games too.
Probably not.

Reasons why (all speculation):
  • The Switch OLED is their "Pro" model at $350 which limits the audience who will upgrade or become new Switch owners
  • Switch 2 will be released in 2024 and will be backwards compatible
  • No permanent price drops are coming, just holiday sales or bundles at best
If Nintendo cared to beat a meaningless record, they could by reducing profit margin and having hardware upgrades to extend the lifecycle. If they're focused on sustainability, prioritizing the Switch 2 is the right path forward.


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I think its certainly possible, especially of they do like a bargain bin $99 version down the line.


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It will definitely happen, they're already on more than 70% of PS2 on less than half the time it was in the market... The only reason NDS didn't was because it was discontinued prematurely due to people still buying it on masses (hell, in latam people still tries to find a NDS with an R4 for their children) and they thought it was cannibalizing 3DS sales. After this FY, Switch will be over around 125M, that leaves around 35M which can be easily sold on 3 years even accounting for heavy fall off on sales and that's without a single price reduction or new model.

The only thing that can make it not happen is Nintendo stopping Switch production as they did with the NDS, but they don't want to be that stupid with the Switch this time as they did with the Wii U/3DS


Right now it's sold around 111 million? It'll surpass the PS4 for sure but the only way it's reaching DS/PS2 sales is if Nintendo bites the bullet and drops the price on all models. With Switch lite going down to $99.
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