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Switch 2 will "likely be an iteration rather than a revolution" and launch at $400, according to a Tokyo-based game industry consultancy firm

That’s according to Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan Games, who contributed his forecast for 2024 in GamesIndustry.biz’s annual analysts predictions feature.

Although the company is yet to comment publicly, Nintendo’s next-generation console is widely expected to launch this year, after VGC reported that development kits are in the hands of developers as the platform holder prepares its plans.
According to Kantan Games’ Toto, the console could launch at $400 – $100 higher than the Switch launched at – and there’s a chance its games could adopt the $70 pricing of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

“The time is finally here for a Switch successor, even though I can say a ‘Pro’ model actually did exist and certain developers were already working with the dev kit,” Toto wrote. “I believe the next hardware will drop [in 2024] for $400. There is a high chance that games will cost more, too: $70.”
According to the industry consultant, Nintendo’s next console will again have portable functionality, as VGC reported last year.

“The next system is also likely to be an iteration rather than a revolution. Nintendo might add some bells and whistles to the device, but it will be similar to the current Switch.

“And because there is Pokémon, and Pokémon is associated with handheld gaming, there is no way on earth Nintendo will drop the portability feature for their next big thing.”
Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa declined to comment on plans for the company’s next console in November, as it announced Switch had cleared 132.46 million lifetime sales.

Despite unusually strong performance for a console entering its seventh year on the market, Switch hardware sales are clearly in decline, especially in the major markets outside of Japan.

In Nintendo’s last fiscal year, Switch sales declined by 22% compared to the previous year, and if it reaches its current target of 15m for this year, that will represent a further decline of 16.5%.


Watch Nintendo as they incorporate elements on the N64 & GC controllers into the new device.
A huge Fisher-Price A button, the bean buttons and a flimsy stick in the middle.


Of course they won't drop portability. It's not just about Pokemon either. Their handheld business has clearly been the better business since the Gameboy launched. IT had the much bigger install base. While their console business, save for the Wii blip, slipped further into the toilet with every generation.

I don't believe there was a Pro model. Or at least I believe the Pro model was the OLED all along. Never made any sense to me to release a faster Switch mid gen. IT's not Nintendo. I think his info got lost in translation. I could be wrong. But I was saying all along (while these rumors were going wild) that they were not going to release a Pro model that had much faster specs and did 4k gaming. And I was correct.
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Wow, this guy is so smart! GAF: we should band together and create a consultant firm. We can also just throw out stupid speculation!
Super Nintendo it is then.

With a new price point and price increase for games (rarely go on sale), Nintendo will be very profitable.
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Will their graphics exceed PS4/Xbox One this time?

FWIW, If they bring the software this will likely be a day 1 purchase for my family.
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isnt PS5 U$ 449 ? y should i be OK with a U$ 400 PS4 ?
Because it a portable, and will be the only way to play Nintendo games going forward.

something something games sell hardware something.

Another way to look at it is, A PS4 would probably cost you $200 to make, now throw in a controller, screen, dock to connect to your TV and you have a Switch 2.
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