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The Xbox + Bethesda 2021 E3 Showcase & Discussion Thread

How many games will they show at Xbox E3 2021?

  • 20 games

    Votes: 80 31.9%
  • 35 games

    Votes: 48 19.1%
  • 50 games

    Votes: 19 7.6%
  • 60 games (same as 2019)

    Votes: 17 6.8%
  • 85 games

    Votes: 13 5.2%
  • 100 games

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Over 100 games

    Votes: 72 28.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


8/10 for me. Microsoft's best show in a long while - miles better than the crap they shovelled out last year.

STALKER 2 is probably my GOS. Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empire IV, Starfield, Replicated; lots of great games there. Halo could go either way - better impression than last year, but with no real gameplay, it's hard to tell if they just picked better stuff to show or if they made actual improvements.

Number one take away: keep that Gamepass sub running, because fuck.


Hard to Kill
Pretty good conf overall but there was way too much timed exclusives and they didn't show much of Starfield and really disapointing one more thing.
Forza looked fun and great though.
It felt more like a good gaming conf than a good Xbox conf.


Kojima? RockSteady? Mortal Kombat? NetherRelam? Silent Hill? Sega? Konami?

They were even supposed to buy Bluepoint for an exclusive MGS game?

All fake?


fh5 stole the show. Those graphics jfc

many outstanding surprises: fh5 graphics, combat mode and release date for fs2020, outer worlds 2, and yeah, amazing halo ha.
Great show!


This game lacked a lot of hype. It really required fandom. It needed Banjo Kazooie sequel, in the end, to cater for the 90's gamers. This felt quite lukewarm, hopefully, Nintendo won't disappoint.
This whole show felt really safe. Shows variety but lack of AAA games like Playstation.


There was lot of stuff but IMO it lacked a proper gameplay footage. I think FH5 got the best coverage. Surprised no mention of Hellbalde 2 and no gameplay of FM.


Again with this banter and smart ass remarks during combat making things seem like a joke rather than people really fighting for their lives.

The STALKER trailer was a refreshing change of pace from that format above.

Seriously, this banter cliche needs to stop.

Developers need another reference that isn't bad version of Spiderman

This is why I fucking loved the dark and depressing world of TLOU 2


That was awful.

The forza gameplay was especially cringey cause of the faker gamer chat. Dunno why anyone thinks it's a good idea.


That was pretty impressive from MS it must be said. Disappointed Hellblade 2 wasn't shown but there were a few surprises I'll definitely be keeping on for pc.
Seriously, they didn't even show Fable, but I guess development is fucking slow as fuck for these games.


Solid show.

Was missing a wow factor, but overall it showed a lot of fun looking games and it further built on the great value of gamepass.

Forza Horizon 5 and stalker 2 both looked great.

Though no Hellblade 2 was disappointing and I was hoping for a longer look at Halo.


27 free games is the best showing in E3 history.

Sony are going to have to do something to combat game pass soon because it’s embarrassing seeing what they’re charging their customers to buy their games.

Microsoft are hysterically laughing at every single person that buys a PS5 game right now.


Microsoft paying the Suikoden creator to release the Suikoden spiritual successor on Game Pass made me extremely happy.

Overall, good show! Tons of game pass games, Forza Horizon 5 looking amazing, Flight Simulator coming and that vampire game at the end caught my interest.


Lies about why mods reply ban and warn me.
The ending so lame tho even for Microsoft, i wonder if the initial plan was to end with Starfield but then they switched things because of the leak? but anyway...

Excited for Plague Tale Requiem specially, Diablo and Stalker looks nice. Starfield can be cool but no gameplay so nothing to say here.

No Perfect Dark, Fable , and Hellblade the Xbox exclusives i was most interested about.


Halo TV Series Promoter - Live from: Reach
Hands down the best Xbox E3 press event ever for me because of them coming out and showing what's coming, and their investment in exclusives shows.

Contraband by Avalanche.

Starfield on the Creation 2 Engine looks simply amazing, next gen only and xbox exclusive.

Halo Infinite looks NUTSSSSSSSSS!!! The engine looks fucking fantastic, a new SMART AI!!! Wasn't expecting to see that, but they are carrying forward a story thread hinted at in Halo 4, which I love. I never expected we would have another Smart AI, so this is a very pleasant surprise. Even the MP looks great, and I don't play MP. What a big enhancement over last year.

Redfall from Arkane

Forza Horizon 5... all day one in game pass, and so much more. Game Pass is the best deal in gaming hands down. Xbox and Bethesda knocked this shit out of the park. I'm even excited by a top gun addition to Flight Simulator, and genuinely curious about the Captain Jack addition to Sea of Thieves. Microsoft absolutely nailed this conference.
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The content was neither remarkable, nor bad. Ok, I would say. But the problem with MS is that they do not know how to throw together an electrifying, sleek and almost "futuristic" looking show like Sony does, with great montages and choice of music. Perhaps does it have to do with the DNA of the latter being an entertainement company that makes movies, songs, TV shows, and is used to compete with other entities with well polished marketing pushes?
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Ok so, Halo looks just as bad as it ever did but let's forget about that because:

  • Forza Horizon 5 looks great
  • Flight Sim top gun: all over my thrustmaster
  • Stalker 2 will be sensational (hopefully... It better... It needs to be)
  • Grounded - everyone please try this and stop pretending you are too "macho" for it, its great fun and it's only getting better
Other things are too early to say but that was a much better showing than last year. It actually looks like they are on the right track again. Lots to be optimistic about but it's a shame it's taken this long and I hate anyone who made excuses for them last gen.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
27 free games is the best showing in E3 history.

Sony are going to have to do something to combat game pass soon because it’s embarrassing seeing what they’re charging their customers to buy their games.

Microsoft are hysterically laughing at every single person that buys a PS5 game right now.
The farthest thing out they showed was Starfield, which is like 16 months away.

At $10 a month, that's like $6 per game that was shown. Plus all the other great stuff on GP. insane value.
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