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|OT| Indie Poly Bridge 2 - Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads... Just Bridges!


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Nov 30, 2004

Store Page

" New levels, new mechanics, a custom physics engine, workshop campaigns, and much more! Rediscover your engineering creativity with even more hours of puzzling fun!

Adrian Talens returns with a new full-length Soundtrack! Relax to the soothing and critically acclaimed music with 13 completely new tracks plus 18 of the original Poly Bridge songs remastered! Enjoy over an hour and a half of the familiar and gentle acoustic guitar rhythms.

Take on levels with some added cushion and bounce your way to victory with the new Spring material. Now your bridges can be even more flexible!

We went above and beyond this time, crafting a custom physics engine optimized and fine-tuned specifically for bridge simulations. Accurate and predictable, it guarantees the same simulation outcome for everyone, keeping the competitive aspect of the game alive!....."- Steam store description

Launch Trailer

Incoherent Ramble
The original Poly Bridge is a great game that has garnered a rather sizable community for an indie title. Poly Bridge 2 looks to be aiming to refine the experience while keeping the essence the same. At least that was my take away from having played the game for a bit. I'll certainly be playing more though, I've been having lots of fun.

My Poly Bridge 2 Journey thus far:

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Maiden Voyage

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Sep 5, 2014
Sorry for the necro. Has anyone played both Steam and mobile versions? I’ve been watching a YTer play through and I think I want to pick it up for iPad. Not sure if the controls will work as well being a touch interface or if M&KB are significantly better.