PlayStation Plus has lost 1.9 million subscribers since relaunch; revenue is up, however

do you think gamepass isn't the better deal then?

At the moment, It absolutely is not. The biggest draw is day one 1st party releases and even Phil acknowledges that it has been light.
If someone was on the fence between both services, new to both ecosystems and wanted the best bang for their buck right now, I'd say pick PS Plus and then GP next year when the big games start to drop.
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Losing and gaining subscribers is normal, first off sony demanded subscriptions with the PS4, they were stern on a free to play model than all of a sudden they found out about xbox live.

John Wick

Imagine paying a subscription just for the privilege to play games you bought two decades ago. Sony can fuck off lol
So don't subscribe and carrying on playing the games you bought two decades ago on the same hardware from two decades ago. Simples!
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