Next-Gen Dragon Age and Mass Effect won’t be present at EA Play 2021


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Bioware has confirmed that its next-gen Dragon Age and Mass Effect games won’t be present at EA Play.
Thus, don’t expect to see anything about these two projects in this upcoming event. This will obviously disappoint its fans but it’s at least good setting expectations before the show begins.

As Bioware stated:

no Dragon Age and Mass Effect 4 at EA Play

From what we know so far, this new Dragon Age won’t have any multiplayer, and will be single-player only.
And although we don’t what engine it uses, we can assume that it’s Frostbite Engine.

Similarly, we don’t have enough info about the next-gen Mass Effect game. All we have right now is a teaser trailer and nothing more.


Their logo looks like a rain-booty, schwing:

They can't show Mass Effect 5 because some new body part is tired.

It is good to stop mega-over-hype though yah


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After Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, you would have to be fucking delusional to get hyped for a BioWare game anymore.

LOL remember when everybody was saying that Andromeda was bad because that was the BioWare B-team, while their A-team was working on Anthem? Then Anthem turned out even worse (but hey at least they consulted with Feminist Frequency)

I’d imagine that any of the BioWare folks who have the tiniest bit of passion about gaming have long since gotten the fuck out of there.


I used to be all about Dragon Age. Then it became more and more obvious the main writer cared more about pushing his gay agenda than making an interesting game, that I could care less.

Oh really? That sounds really gay and I don't mean homosexual. Make your art as political as you like but if you make the rest of it a slave to the politics then its going to be shit ime.

Its funny if you read the bolded in the movie trailer guy voice, like:

"In a world where writers push their gay agenda, one man is standing up, instead of kneeling down"


Can't say I'm surprised. That team has shuffled quite a bit over the past few months. But I wonder how long it WILL be until we see anything from either IP.

That being said, if EA Play is a bunch of 2042, I'm totally fine with that. If that rumored Dead Space remake/remaster/new game makes an appearance I will be exploding, lol.
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Dragon Age 4 + Mass Effect 5 + Jedi Fallen Order 2 + Dead Space + Battlefield 2042 would have been a mind-blowing showcase.
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Who cares. It's not like they'll be any good.

The only relevant studio at EA is Respawn. Hopefully they let them do some more single player stuff
Lmao at least they told us ahead of time.

Now I can just skip watching the stream and just catch up over trailers, so...

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Dragon Age was the only reason I would have even watched, I'm glad they told us so I won't waste my time.
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It's been what, 7 years since Inquisition? If they still can't even show the darn thing I'm not hopeful. Smells more and more like a new Anthem.
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