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New Nvidia RTX 4000 Adola Lovelace Cards Announced | RTX 4090 (1599$) October 12th | RTX 4080 (1199$)


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3rd gen of RTX coming with DLSS 3.0

DLSS 3.0 is capable of generating additional frames, boosting game performance by up to 4 times.

Ada Lovelace graphics chip revealed

NVIDIA presents a tool called RTX Remix that allows to build RTX mods for games (pictured: Morrowind)
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I don't see a reason to upgrade yet with a 3080 but I will in a couple of years when i get a new Mb and CPU.

i wish the prices went down a bit more, considering i pay in $CDN
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I wonder if they're starting the 4000 series price so high, hoping they can chew up their 3000 series supply? That way they can price gouge the early adopters, and burn up their excess ampere supply.

Assholes. I'll stick with my 3080 this gen.


What they showed is misleading . They could have been using Dlss performance mode to get those frames up
They showed 0 (zero) 1:1 comparison between RTX 2000 and 3000. Nvidia did the same at RTX 1000 announcement because their raster performance was the smallest leap in generations. Expect to get them crushed in reviews.


People did these prices anyway, nvidia wouldn't go so high with 80 cards if nobody was buying during the chip shortage/mining craze/inflation period for more than double msrp. Nothing to do but wait for 70 or 60 cards
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