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Opinion Rumor Jez Corden - Warner Bros is interested in selling NetherRealm and TT Games


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Sep 25, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Some of yall act as if MS is looking to actively spend $10 Billion on acquisitions per year for video game companies.

It is like some folks are jonesin for another hit.....I mean....acquisition.



Nov 25, 2015
Which ones? Jeff Grub got many right and many wrong as well.

Only reason you don't want to believe him coz he is talking about MS acquiring WB studios. Lol.

I know MS acquisition rumors makes selected gamers on certain platform mad lol. Jk.

But seriously after Bethesda acquisition anything can happen.
No he isn’t?
The article doesn’t mention that at all, and it was already debunked so get over it. Jez is a fraud, just like all other Twitter personalities.
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Nov 15, 2010
I didn't even know that forum existed. I thought you were simply using "Xboxera" as a clever counter to "Sonygaf".

Even so. That forum doesn't represent Xbox fans as a whole. But just to ensure any reply or counter was in good faith. I decided to look it over to see if your description was accurate.

Following your link. I looked over the first 150 pages. Not posts... Pages. The discussion is obviously regarding mergers and acquisitions, but there's nothing inherently crazy about that, as this forum discusses similar all the time.

Ahh, but your central claim is that xbox fans "biggest dream is to keep games off Playstation". In the first 150 entire pages, the word "Playstation" shows up twice, with the word "Sony" making an appearance twice as well. Both in reference to Square Enix working closely with Sony. There is indeed one poster. With a measly single post. That mentions how funny it would be if MS were to acquire SE.

Anyone who reads through the first 150 pages from your link, and then reads just your posts in this thread can easily see that you single handedly post far more extreme fanboy drivel than any of those posts, and it's not even by a small margin.

I probably sound incredibly clueless to you because you are most definitely in fact.... Completely clueless. So while you respond with "bye" and yet again abandon ship. I actually took the time to consider your point, and look as thoroughly through your evidence as could be expected.

And yet there's absolutely nothing to suggest that your batshit crazy conspiracy theory is even remotely true. Not even close.
Going by the rainbow logo im guessing this is another offshoot of unhappy Resetera posters who were either
1) Sick of the moderation
2) Wanted harder moderation (full cleanse of all non left/straight white men)