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Opinion Cringe Retro Is Alien vs. Predator Jaguar open-world or nahh?

Is Alien vs. Predator Jaguar open-world or nahh?

  • yeah, absolutely.

    Votes: 2 3.1%
  • nahh, not at all, it is still the same key hunting.

    Votes: 23 35.4%
  • It's Metroidvania-esque

    Votes: 7 10.8%
  • more open than most FPS back then, but not enough to be called open-world

    Votes: 30 46.2%
  • I have another opinion that will write in the comments

    Votes: 3 4.6%

  • Total voters
Dec 12, 2018
It is not for me. It is you who wanted to win this with all your lies and manipulations.

You do not know what Jag's AvP is. Thus cognitive dissonance.

But you have my sympathies because your lack of brains.

lol, you lost big time. with all those lies you spread that is no wonder.


18+ Member, acts like 12 year old console warrior
Dec 21, 2006
Somewhere in Bananaland

This thread in a nutshell.


Gold Member
Oct 26, 2018
At the end of the day, AVP is a FPS.

Anyone who is laughing at this thread, just google the game and you'll see everyone calling it that. No 1990s reviewers called the game "a simulation" just because the guy in charge of writing the instruction manual called the game a simulation. It's a corridor shooter which they compared to Wolf3D and Doom at the time as those games were the posterboys for FPS.

Just because a shooter has some branching elements to the map (which just about every RPG dungeon or shooter level has) does not mean it's an "open world system". If that's the case, then old ass Wizardry games tracked on graph paper were open world because you could walk around to different parts of the levels until you got stuck needing a key or solve the riddle BS.
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Feb 18, 2009
This was fun for a little. Now it's a sad example of what illiteracy and pigheadedness can make a person.