God damn, Final Fantasy made me cry again


THE FEELS. IX is such an underrated game in the franchise. I really think it has one of the more wholesome display of love and life in the franchise in my opinion

It just had the most bittersweet conclusion to the grand adventure and exploration that the player has journeyed together with all the characters

I was already teary-eyed at his point upon seeing those scenes, and that's before I realized that Vivi had ''stopped working'' and he is the one narrating the monologue

And it doesn’t stop there :(
I still remember the shock I felt when I watched the Iifa Tree's violent scene supposedly kill Zidane and Kuja, but suddenly Zidane rips off the cloak to reveal himself on stage in Alexandria, "No Cloud, no Squall shall hinder us!... Now, bring my beloved Dagger to me!". Garnet comes running down, loses her crystal necklace, casts away her crown, and throws herself into Zidane's arm. On top of this the crowd going absolutely nuts and the camera pans to Beatrix and Steiner who are holding the shining Save The Queen together

Such a beautiful ending to IX
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Absolutely beautiful game I played as a child that I'll remember for eons. It is to this day, the one I remember back mostly fondly.

It's a shame I ruined all that by playing the game again 25 years later and finding myself cringing a little too much at the dialogue and story beats as an adult.

Irregardless, it is a beautiful game and the kind of world FF desperately needs to revisit and far and removed from modern setting JRPG that they became so obsessed with recently.

Still my favourite FF to this day, it just didn't age well (story/dialogue wise) on a fresh playthrough 25 years later for me - but by god is the music, sound effects, combat and characters are still what I find missing in modern FF (besides FFX).


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Some of the scenes in the Burmecia kingdom were really heavy.

I wish they showed Beatrix paying her dues in some way in the ending sequence. I know she redeemed herself in that part with Steiner, but that wasn't enough to absolve her of her war crimes.
I mean, she probably did a bunch of good deeds later off-screen, but we needed to see it. Should've shown her helping rebuild their kingdom or something, I don't know.

I loved the Burmecians. :messenger_pensive:


great game!! ive only done 1 playthrough..waiting to see if it gets a remaster for me to jump back in even though its a great looking and sounding game


I played through FF9 during lockdown last year and beat it quickly. Really really enjoyed my time with the game. There were some dark moments in the game but it never weighed on my emotionally. Just sayin


It's amazing how much more memorable and impactful games were when you had to use your imagination to fill in the gaps where technology couldn't keep up anymore. 9's ending is definitely bittersweet. It'd have been a whole lot better of a game in general if the ramp up to the "real" baddies wasn't so sudden and out of place, IMO.


IX is such an awesome game.
The characters, locations, art direction, music, story. It's all on point and no entry in the franchise since then has even come close.

The gameplay hasn't aged all that well but with the remasters having the fast forward option it's not too bad


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7 - I cried when I was a kid at you know what.
8 - Never cried or cared about the story. just thought it was cool with great music.
9 - Never liked it, except some music (even recently played it fully). Just such ugly character designs and dumb romance plot.
10 - Legit like the music, story, and the love interest makes much more sense, than in 8/9.
12 - Eh... They tried and missed the mark on the story and characters, but very cool world and language.


This game in particular is gorgeous and the music is also truly great. I have yet to play it again for the fifth time. I just need to take one week off of work to complete it from start to finish.
I personally think it's tied with 8 and 13 for worse in the series. Both games were incredibly slow and dragged on needlessly. 9's soundtrack was pretty lackluster imho. The production (particularly the instrument choice) is the worst out of the playstation FFs and there are an absurd number of filler tracks. Feels like Nobuo phoned it in a bit. Bet he was just done with the series at that point, which explains him not doing 10 on his own. The ending WAS fantastic though. I skipped through the later half of the game mostly with gameshark because of how boring it was and the ending still got me as did FF8's. Final Fantasy in general have great endings (ff15 hit me deep in the feels despite of the mediocrity of the game).



Always makes me cry :,(

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Are 7 and 9 any good port on the switch? I never played those final fantasy and I think I should!
I’d highly recommend those two if you’re into FF/JRPG

You can clock in lots of hours with the main story plus side quests. The story for VII is awesome, personally my favourite out of all. Both port versions has a cheat system, just don't use it if you don't like easy mode

I’ve played the Switch port for VII and the PS4 one for IX. Looks great, only thing is that they don’t support full screen so you’ll have to play with borders on your screen but it doesn’t take away from the experience in my opinion


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