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Alan Wake Remastered | PS5 Showcase Trailer


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The remaster contains the original game as well as The Signal and The Writer DLCs, which were originally sold separately, but are part of the Alan Wake Remastered package.
Main game contains a brand new developer commentary track from game’s writer and creative director Sam Lake that fans will not want to miss.

It is the same game as before. The graphics have been improved and the front-end has been refreshed to look more modern.
We feel the original game on the PC still looks good thanks to the excellent art and style of the game, but the upjump in resolution and frame-rate definitely elevate the remastered experience.

Buying the game on a single platform will give you access to all versions of Alan Wake Remastered on that platform.

If you buy a PS4 disc version, you'll be able to upgrade to the PS5 digital version later down the line, same applies for Xbox owners.

Technical features:

  • Remastered 4K graphics at 60 FPS* gameplay
  • Redone cinematic cut-scenes with improved facial animation and lip sync
  • Richer environmental details (improved textures and additional geometry)
  • Enhanced character models with updated hair and shaders
  • Improved visual effects and lighting
    *PS5 & Series X 60 fps / 4K
    *PS4/Xbox One offer a 60 fps Performance and 30 fps Quality mode (included in Day 1 patch)

Comparison screenshots (Remaster vs Xbox 360):


Comparison screenshots (Remaster vs PC):



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I started to play this on Xbox but did not finish it. I will pick it up at some point. I love story driven games. Gameplay sucked!


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Will buy again for the third time. One of my favorite games from the 360/PS3 era. Although that doesn't look different from the Steam version I have.


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I played it on PC like 10+ years ago, i liked it. Not sure i would buy it again to play the same with barely better textures...
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The leaks killed this announcement completely. I will buy it but as a showcase announcement it fell completely flat.


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Think I'm good with my current PC version.

Yet another EGS exclusive fail. No wonder they took the cash up front, they will need it.


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Remaster, not remake.

But I'll probably buy it. Played it on PC long ago but never finished it, and playing Control recently has made me want to play AW again.


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I’m done with Xbox filthy sellouts letting an old game on the PS console. That is garbage man. How dare Phil allow this to happen. This is Matrick level moves.



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Having just playing this via BC on my XSX... this doesn't look like much of a remake. This is a remaster... and it's not a particularly impressive one at that.

They set the wrong expectations by calling this a remake.


Having just playing this via BC on my XSX... this doesn't look like much of a remake. This is a remaster... and it's not a particularly impressive one at that.

They set the wrong expectations by calling this a remake.
they never called it a remake, OP did. Just check the trailer, it clearly says remaster.


Someone should post a photo comparison of the old gen/current gen Alan Wake models.

Graphics don't look much better though. Played it on Xbox One.


Tag, you're it.
Added comparison screenshots to get a clearer view of what was done. If someone has some PC screens of those scenes, pm me or post it here !


Well no wonder it got announced less than a month before release date. Looks like something they threw together. Blatant cash grab, and I see no reason to get this remaster over the PC port that already is out (and can probably be found super cheap online).

Fuck Epic. Fuck Remedy.


One of my favourite games from the 360/PS3 generation mainly for the graphics/lighting, and it copped a *lot* of undeserved flak mainly due to not being on the PS3 and being released in the height of the list wars, so hopefully those people have grown up by now and give it a chance.

Having said that, this looks pretty much exactly the same as on the 360/PC, so pretty disappointing tbh. Was hoping to see ridiculous new next level lighting given how amazing this was back in the day.


How convenient of them to use the 720p, aliased, no anisotropic filtering 360 version to compare against the 4K remaster.
Why not comparing it against the original PC version at max settings? It would be more fair.
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