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With Microsoft Going Balls Deep on Gamepass do we think its coming to other systems?


limited amount of games, nobody gives a shit, , how often do you hear "im going to subscribe to ea play/ubisoft?"
Gmaepass on the other hand, is more popular and has more games compared to eaplay and ubisoft.

True to an extent, but Sony doesn't have to spend a penny and would get a very nice cut of all sales. While it might take sales away from games like spiderman and gow (though I'm doubtful of very much), it 100% establishes playstation as the best place to play all games. The reward could be large.


The only way I can see it happening is if they release a gamepass mini service with just Microsoft games on there and no third party games.

And This will only happen if they didn't see Microsoft as a rival, so would have to exit the console buisness also.

Does it really matter if ms still makes consoles in that scenario? Playstation would still be preffered most buyers as it would have all the best games instead of half or less, Xbox wouldn't sell enough units for it to matter. I would just insist that all gamepass games released on xbox are released at the same time on ps5.
Even Microsoft themselves don't want that anymore. Which is why they are now porting games to competitor platforms. They want to sell copies again but can't do it on their own platform because they killed software sales with gamepass. Now gamepass subs have stagnated and Microsoft basically had nowhere else to turn but to port games to healthier platforms.


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So why do they allow 2 already (ea play and ubisoft+) ?
AFAIK EA and Ubi only has EA and Ubi games. Also they can get away with offering their games day one because they are fully multi platform.

Game Pass is waaay to similar to Plus.


They will introduce a premium tier gamepass and lob cod on that. Gotta recoup some of that acti cash.
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Gamepass was a mistake and MS regrets it (day one 1st party games). Gamepass was a desperate attempt by MS to stay relevant against the competition, especially now that they have a huge portfolio of studios under their belt that people want to buy.

Sea of Thieves on PS5 proves that selling your game for cash vs. losing money on Subscriptions by giving away your games for cheap models. The answer is easy.

MS is not going balls deep on Gamepass. It's pulling the hell out of it and looking for a more lucrative multiplatform buy-to-play games strategy on all platforms.
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What on earth makes you think Sony or Nintendo will want this cancer on their ecosystems where it's been proved at this point it makes games sell a fraction of their potential. Sony makes most of their profits through PSN and the digital sales of the multiplatform juggernauts.Putting game pass on there wiuld ensure them less revenue.


Understood but maybe one of them decides that to take over the other they need those Xbox published games. Who does it hurt more Sony or Nintendo if the other platform does a deal with Xbox?

Mario / Zelda / Halo / cod / Skyrim and more on Nintendo via a gamepass would really have some people shifting console allegiance imho.
Honestly its not that it hurts the other platform because quite frankly it wouldnt. With or without gamepass the Xbox games would still come to both platforms. In this scenario the platform without gamepass makes more per sale of said xbox games than the platform with gamepass so it wouldn’t hurt anyone really.
As for Cod/ Halo/Mario/Zelda etc shifting ‘allegiances’ I dont agree. Much like how Xbox caters to a specific crowd,the same can be said for PS and NS. I honestly dont see Nintendo fans frothing at the mouth for COD or Halo and Skyrim didnt exactly set Nintendo platforms on fire when it was ported. The big kicker is Nintendo wouldnt change their sales policy,they release their games at whatever price and it stays there, they stick to their ethics and practices,can you really see them deciding to cannibalise their steady sales for a poor payout from Game Pass? Sorry but no…Its a ridiculous notion.
Granted bringing them all to PS would have a distinct impact, as in most who currently own a XSX would likely jump ship for the better exclusives plus access to their old Xbox library.
Only way Gamepass is hitting Nintendo platforms is if it only covers ‘Non-Switch’ games like say Cyberpunk and first party Xbox games.
For PS it would be even stricter,only Xbox first party stuff.
Sorry wall of text.
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