There is a new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic game underway and it’s not with EA

Not many studios I’d trust with the project right now.
This is what I was thinking too: it's kind of a scary prospect.

My guesses? InXile or Larian are up there, but I actually think it's Archetype Entertainment.

James Ohlen was Lead Designer on Kotor, Drew Karpyshn was lead writer on Kotor and their main website artwork looks quite 'Star Warsy'. They are 100% focussed on story driven RPGs and something in my gut just says "YES" when I think of Drew penning the game.

They are hiring like mad men also..... always a good sign.
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Interesting.. They should just remake kotor but with someone who respects the original. It's funny how ea couldn't make a kotor game happen when they had the original development studio and the licence but someone else is, if this is true.

Well they made The Old Republic that is literally KOTOR3: Online and ends Revan story. The game is 100% playable single player just for the story and I assure you it feels 1:1 a KOTOR experience most of the times (100% of the quests are voiced and with choices).


Inxile or obsidian please but i dont know how this deal would work commercially for MS. I am sure they could figure it out though.
Technically it could be inXile, which seems like a wet dream, because how good Wasteland 3 was written. This sort of positive news don't happend.
inXile are making 1st person new IP FPS RPG using Unreal Engine 5. So, no.
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