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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Reveal Trailer -- "Alpha Target"


Lol, I'm sure this is what people wanted: a Suicide Squad game. Everyone loves Captain Boomerang.

FFS I think I actually hate Harley now. I used to like her in Batman:TAS but man have DC shoved this character down people's throats. Also can someone explain what is up with changing white characters into black characters? It's like they don't know that there are any actual black characters to use.
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I’m in the camp who thinks they could have had a better cast. Marvel is doing this. Take all the movie characters and odd spin off series and spend millions making AAA content. I would have made something you couldn’t get by watching the films. They’re all stuck on this pre-approved list of what to do. It’s kinda lame. I miss everything about DC and the Marvel Universe from the 90’s. So much better stuff...

Its that ugly outfit Harley wears and the lame jokes. It stands out like a panel at Comic Con. What’s so exciting about these domino effect shootouts? I think the glory days were when the Arkham games were in their infancy. I hate the Suicide Squad. I own the film and a couple comics. It takes Harley and makes her some bubbly sidekick to everything. Marvel should make a replica game of Guardians of the Galaxy. “I am Groot” plays over your head for the 100th time. They’re going to drown us in this co-op Destiny style stuff until something actually amazing gets made by another studio.
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Confirmed to be Arkhamverse. I guess Deadshot just decided to switch races.



I am literally shocked at the negative response in this thread? Did GAF hate the Arkham games? This looks more fun than the knights game if we are just comparing cg trailers.

Did they say only online co-op? I hope they have 2 player local 🙏

For all those whining about the way the characters look, you know they are going to have alternative costumes right? I would be exceptionally surprised if they didn't at least.

Honestly this looks so similar to the knights game. Will be interesting to see which is better when the dust settles.
Love me some rocksteady.
I'm sorry, but what the hell are you talking about? How does it look similar to Arkham Knight? They didn't show any gameplay.

They describe it as a co op shooter. Is Arkham Knight a shooter to you?


New engine, 100's of prototype's on new things and eventually settled on this MMO garbage that WB probably forced them into.

By 2022, it will be 7 years since Arkham Knight launches.

Hopefully they’re not expanding on batmobile like concepts

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Yeah, Rocksteady is in a similar situation as Bethesda Softworks at this point.

Very good comparison in that both studios have basically just remade 1 game for years. Now they're trying to actually attempt to make a 2nd game, and it's taking them forever.

Rocksteady has at least shown more aptitude for technical advancement, and quickly embraced open world, decent vehicle controls, and decent graphics the whole time. Bethesda is pretty much just making Morrowind for 18 years.
This could go two ways:

It could be a Sunset Overdrive like game with an interesting fun open world, fast gameplay, agile traversal, stylish moves and entertaining enemies..... Or it could be an boring gaas Avengers like game....

Curious about the gameplay and if it will have leveling, customization and loot...
Totally agree

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Why not? Could you prove that?

I'm just saying the spelling is funny. It's supposed to be "mismanagement." "Miss Management" is basically a pun, as if that's a woman's name. The head of the studio in charge of Halo is a woman with lots of rumors floating around about mismanaging the studio. It's just a bad joke.


Eh.....thought it was alright, honestly. Still this thing is so far off that it's hard to get excited over.


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I'm sorry, but what the hell are you talking about? How does it look similar to Arkham Knight? They didn't show any gameplay.

They describe it as a co op shooter. Is Arkham Knight a shooter to you?
I was referencing the other DC game announced today. It's called Arkham Knights. In it there are 4 players and it looks like it could be similar in nature to me based off the cg trailers.
Why not? Could you prove that?

Something bad definitely went on in these past 5 years. Probable that pitches got canned in which the team put significant time on. Here is where a bit of investigative journalism goes a long way.... as long as it doesn't try to literally lynch in word form people inside a studio for messing up.
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I'll keep an open mind but this is definitely disappointing after 3 of the best action/adventure games ever. Seems like a waste to take a studio with a proven pedigree in exploration-based level design, puzzle solving and environmental interaction, and then put them to work in a genre where none of that shit matters.

Only Rocksteady could have made those Arkham games. Even Warner Montreal made a stab at directly imitating the series and couldn't match their quality.

Until I see otherwise, this just looks like any random western studio with a blank cheque could have made it.
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I don't know any of the popular ones really:
Wonder Woman
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Batman Beyond
Teen Titans
Justice League
Watchmen (don't even know if this count as being "DC).

I honestly find any of those more appealing and I also think most if not all of them could have been turned into something more interesting than a co-op multiplayer shooter.

Do people really like Suicide Squad? I guess Harley is pretty popular but the other ones? Shark man and Mr boomerang or whatever?
I can't speak for the others, but I'm a fan of King Shark. I thought he was the best looking one, plus I love playing as the heavy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This iteration of harley is super hot. but I'll always prefer the original.

Don't know how people are saying she looks like a dude... It's literally their take on Margot Robbie's Harley without it strictly being her... more rounded face, fuller cheeks. Still keeping those attractive eyes. People be finding woke in any crevice under the sun......


This is the reaction from someone into films mostly, and not games. Just a reference for people who think it's impossible to have a good impression about this trailer.

She's a DC Fangirl, she hypes anything about the DC universe.


7 years......for this? "pie_tears_joy: "pie_tears_joy: "pie_tears_joy: "pie_tears_joy: "pie_tears_joy: "pie_tears_joy:

Coop and optional single player with bots. BOTS LMAO. Just how much MTX do you mean to inject into our veins WB? Rocksteady I know you are being held at gunpoint to make this trash. Wink twice if you need police help.


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At least give us a next gen patch for Arkham Knight. Yeah I know, wishful thinking, didn’t even get a pro or X patch for it.

I just can’t see myself playing these colorful superhero prancing simulators. Am I getting too old? NO, I’d gladly play a gritty Batman again or a clever well written Spider-Man.

Next gen took a big hit with the WB announcements ladies and gentlemen.
I'm just saying the spelling is funny. It's supposed to be "mismanagement." "Miss Management" is basically a pun, as if that's a woman's name. The head of the studio in charge of Halo is a woman with lots of rumors floating around about mismanaging the studio. It's just a bad joke.
That stupid Microsoft SwiftKey have auto correct message and I haven't checked it before posting. Sorry!


Not for me, such a shame both WB and Rocksteady took a different direction for their games. There was definitely room for a cinematic, mature Batman (or superhero) game that expanded on the Arkham formula. I think that's what people wanted. Instead we get another generic game for kids that seems to be suspiciously adapted to sell as many DLC costumes as possible. No thanks.


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Yeah, this is gonna get delayed and could even get cancelled. 2022 is a long time from now. Rocksteady could get sold.
October 2016 since Arkham VR. 2022 will be 6 years.

Something has gone awry. Concepts must have been scrapped and restarted, unusual when you have such strong experience and prebuilt foundations from the Batman games.

Have top people walked?
It's Rocksteady so I wont throw them in the garbage just yet.

But if I'll have to shoot some thug in the face for 10 minutes because he is 5 levels higher than me i'm gonna be really pissed.

It seems like such a waste....all this pedigree and acclaim and they chose to make a mediocre looter-shooter.

Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.


When we could be playing as the Justice League and Superman / Batman.......

Instead we play as characters we dont care about and Looks cringe....
Who the fuck cares about Suicide Squad And Harley Quin ffs....

Bye Rocksteady, Ill wait for your next game unless its a suicide Squad Sequel
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