Straight up... The combat in The Last of Us Part II is completely and entirely unmatched.


Never thought anyone would have audacity to go against Gears 5 gunplay, that too with TLOU on their side.

Just one word: gnasher.

It completely changes how you approach tight situations. So satisfying to turn enemies into pulp from point blank range.
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TLOU2 literally shits on Gears 5 on gunplay.
It's like it's generation forward compared to Gears 5.
Go play Sekiro and talk to me about standards being raised. TLoU2 is great for a tradditional third-person, over the shoulder camera game, but it doesn't hold a candle, combat wise, to games like Seikro, Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, etc. or hell, even Doom Eternal.

Your so-called raised "standard" is as arbitrary as the list you compiled to crown it. If you polled gamers on the best combat in video game history TLoU2 wouldn't place in the top 50 of all time.
Right. Guns are for pussies



One thing I really like about it is that nobody is overpowered with overpowered weapons. It is all squishy humans against other squishy humans with realistic weapons. You can't pull out a plasma gun and lay waste to your enemies. You have to be strategic about it which makes the stakes higher.


As much as I loath TLOU2's story (literally killed the franchise for me), even I can admit the gameplay is light years ahead of most studios. Aside from a few bugs here and there, playing LTOU2 was sublime.

But oh god that story is bad.
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