Sony Introduces Game Trials, Try PS5 Games for a Limited Time (Death Stranding Director's Cut, )


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If a company wants to do trials, that's fine. But it cant be that hard. XBLIG had I think 10 minute trials for all games (I forget, maybe it was 12 or 15). If 3000 XBLIG made dirt cheap by guys in their basement, it cant be hard for bigger companies and bigger titles to implement a trial that is standard and works right.

Now if only Sony or MS did something like this standard across all games. It doesn't have to be customized demo (which supposedly eats up money and resources).

Just make it so gamers download a game, and when they start playing it, you get 10 minutes or 1 hour to mess around with it. And then it's deactivated. Demos are different where a gamer can mess around with a demo forever. And some demos had some decent content in it.

Who knows, maybe it's a bandwidth issue. Sony and MS realized if you do trials and demos during the 360/PS3 days, too many people were hogging downloading demos it killed the servers.

If they implemented that now, it would be a disaster as everyone would queuing up demos and trials from 30 games at once. Whereas back then, demos came out bit by bit every month so people downloaded them spread out.
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Me: Hey Sony, tell me you don't give one single fuck without saying you don't give one single fuck

Sony: The timer starts as soon as you trigger the download

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I remember back on ps3, when PS + was a premium bonus service to get games, instead of online subscription, there was a thing where you could try all the existing games on the psn, for one or two hours I think? It wasn't limited to a specific selection, it was part of the subscription, you could download anything and try them for some amount of time before deciding to purchase them to continue, or uninstall them.

I thought about it again a while ago and wondered when it stopped being a thing, I never see anyone talking about it.
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I would wait for an official comment or release before coming to anymore conclusions.

Push Square publishes a lot of very questionable, to say the least, articles about Sony and policies.


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Is this live yet? I am still not seeing this in the store. I'm guessing I'm missing something obvious.


Reminds me of an old game on PC that had a demo with a 15 hour time limit, afterwards you'd need to input a key to keep playing.
Except you could easily reset that time by changing the register so the game essentially became shareware.


I wonder why they didn't do what Nintendo did and let you play a week on the above game. Nintendo just finished a trail were people could play Story of Seasons for one week and then buy it at a reduced price. This would be a good idea for Sony but the 5 hour thing screws it up big time.


I think this will be counter-productive for Death Stranding; a game that it's staunchest defenders state you need to sink a good 8 hours into it to start "getting" it.
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