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PS5 doesn't let you store PS5 games on external HDD


Feb 14, 2013
I fail to see the downside with it then, however I don't get into the Nitty gritty with the SSD's.. Both consoles SSD solutions are good in my book and it's best just to enjoy the benifits.

Well, it has downsides in that it’s slower. But I wasn’t referring to that part at all. This is the first time this is being done to any extent and Sony hasn’t approved internal expansion due to speed limitations on drives currently available for sale and external drives for backups for a reason we don’t know. My argument with mark was that it has something to do with that and it can’t be coincidental. He argues that it doesn’t matter. I agree that it shouldn’t yet, but, due to there being no precedent and not knowing the extent of the issues there is no way for either of us or anyone to really know unless we’re behind closed doors at PlayStation.


Nov 20, 2018
I'd assume they would have a good reason and as you said it may be patched in. Imo it's a much needed quality of life improvement so hopefully they do implement it. It won't affect me too much at the start tbh as I'll just be playing through my PS4 exclusive back log and probably through Spiderman MM.


Aug 25, 2018
This needs to be patched. Not an issue at the moment due to low count of PS5 specific games, but it will become one eventually. Fix it.