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PS.Blog Game of the Year 2023: The Winners




Gaming awards in my mind have been very controversial and feels very argumentative. Most awards given usually get congrats, today that’s rarely the case. Now it’s “lol re7 vr isn’t nominated”, “lol bolders gate lost to spiderman” I’m just saying what it is.
basically everything is console wars now 😑
Best story all year is Spiderman 2?
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This just shows how utterly stupid the masses are....when they pick SM2 as better story in a year where BG3 released,among other games waaaay more interesting than spiderman 2.
Spiderman 2 is way more popular on console than baldur's.


Lol ff16 got robbed. Even SM2 got best music award. BS.
And Forspoken is nowhere to be found. Should be nominated at least for amazing music.
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Sony's own Playstation Blog website giving Spiderman 2 and Insomniac most of the awards, including beating out Baldur's Gate 3 and Larian Studios.

I would had never guessed!
Yeah the gamers on Playstation where giving the awards not Sony themselves and not people working on the Playstation blog. The players on Playstation did. When MS would hold the same awards Xboxgamers would also giving the most awards to Xbox games. Give it rest, it is what it is, stop whinning..
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