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Phil Spencer says there’s ‘currently nothing to say’ about a possible Scalebound revival


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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said there’s “currently nothing to say” about PlatinumGames’ publicly stated desire to revive its canned exclusive Scalebound.

Scalebound has arguably become one of the most infamous projects in Xbox history. Announced in 2014 for Xbox One, the game was planned as a character action title by Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. But following a lengthy period in development, the game was cancelled in 2017.

Platinum and Xbox leadership have been continually asked about the project since, but speculation reached a head in February when Kamiya told IGN Japan that he’d like to open discussions with Microsoft over the possibility of officially reviving the project.

Kamiya said: “We did a lot of work on it, and it’s no use Microsoft keeping the game in its current form, so we’d like to do something about it (laughs). Phil! Let’s do it together!” He later told VGC: “No, it’s not a joke: I’m totally serious about it”.
Sadly, there is no point in reviving it because I doubt it would sell well or get much attention anyway especially on XBOX. I really wanted to play it, but they should just let it go.


Game always looked like terrible shit, something which wouldn't be seen as any good by the traditional JRPG fans on Xbox that have begged for more over the past 15 years.


I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft acquired them, to be honest. Buy up Sega and Platinum, and get on those Vanquish and Mad World remasters and sequels, boys! Leave that ScaleBound bullshit in the bin.

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There was a rumor at the time that Microsoft was paying them 10s of millions and they were
using the money to fund other games for other platforms


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There was a rumor at the time that Microsoft was paying them 10s of millions and they were
using the money to fund other games for other platforms
No, but they did confirm that they pitched this as a 4 player co-op game to Microsoft from start, that's what it always was. There was no evil Microsoft who forced them to work on co-op to "destroy Hideki Kamiya's vision" that was championed by GamingBritShow and SuperButterBuns, and even others in this very forum.
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Surely there is no truth in that? Microsoft would have sued them into ground, I mean that's literally fraud.

Its a slanted, exaggerated explanation of standard practice of how when a project gets stuck in the weeds, staff gets transferred temporarily onto other projects to help them along.

Its nothing sinister or underhand, just basic studio management.

Also, said this before and am going to say this again; there's absolutely no upside for Platinum to self-sabotage a much bigger budgeted, higher profile, and therefore better-paying project for Nier: Automata, which let's be real nobody but the hardcore fans of the 2010 original had expectations for.
Oh, now we are making threads about things Phil says AREN'T happening that no one thought was happening?

What would Phil have to not be worthy of a new thread?
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