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Community Clickbait Not Another One


Nov 9, 2006
Measured logical discussion about technical details and differences without the sophomoric tribal confirmation bias favoring your preferred shiny plastic-box?

Would be a nice start.

But then... it's very clear that logical and measured and impartial discussions are not the desired discourse among the members of GAF because the most obnoxious "System Wars" posts get the most upvotes, so.... yeah.

I've been here for almost 15 years and can tell you that's never going to happen. If that's what you really want then you'd be better off at beyond 3d or somewhere similar.

Just enjoy the memes because the alternative is much worse.


One of the green rats
Oct 10, 2017
Isn’t that the whole point? No matter what your opinion is in whatever topic seeing that guy instantly makes you against what ever is going on. Lol

Dr Bass

Jun 6, 2013
It's not supposed to be clever, it's just lighthearted.

What do you guys want in DF and VS threads? Pure undiluted console wars? Because that's pretty much what you end up with once you remove the DJ Khaled memes.
Ir's never seemed lighthearted to me, it seemed like people thrilled with "victory" over stupid DF videos. It just gets old to see over, and over .... and over ........

and over.

How about one big DF general thread. So that all the stupid bickering over 3 FPS between next gen multiplat games can be contained in one place. :p You want to rage about minuscule differences in games? Here is the place.
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Jan 6, 2020
I love DJ Khaled . Sorry but i disagree with you OP.


Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
Jun 14, 2014
I've been here for almost 15 years and can tell you that's never going to happen. If that's what you really want then you'd be better off at beyond 3d or somewhere similar.

Just enjoy the memes because the alternative is much worse.
TBH it doesn’t bother me much anymore. Seeing the lighthearted memes and all that. A lot of it is just silly trash talk. But some of the nasty really childish stuff remains. What’s annoying though is when you convey a perspective that isn’t completely complimentary of one side or the other, and immediately you’re accused of being a fanboy. Haha. It’s like “No... I can like a company and also criticize them, and you should too sometimes”. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Jan 26, 2014
Genius thread. Great job OP. This is funny and awesome, and this thread gives me hope that we can start reverting to the GAF of old: an unholy alliance between the deepest technical analysis of video games on the one hand... and fun, light-hearted shit on the other.

Good times.


Oct 3, 2019
ren and stimpy nicksplat GIF

To me the meta is perfect DJ Khalid famous for almost nothing(he's barely the evolved form of a Pitbull), "winning" a console war because the machine you like "won" a performance stress test which amounts to pretty much nothing. There is value in knowing which machine runs a game better, but the degree some of these nuts go to to have a new notch on their stupid belts is pretty pathetic, sometimes it's a mere 1% of the time a drop in FPS occurs, who CARES. In this world of patches, performance is regularly patched. Many people that participate in those threads of say a sports game and they never will ever play said sports game, it DOES NOT MATTER that the game PERFORMS BETTER on that plastic box you love, if you're NEVER GOING TO EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF.

Nothing will fix these broken obsessive people, they're sick and they don't care even though they probably know it.

Console warring is the most pathetic thing you can take part in on a gaming board, go play a fucking game instead, if you're a gamer, or maybe you're not a gamer anymore, perhaps now you're just some zombie for a corporation that thinks if they type enough bullshit about company Y or Z they'll somehow care about you, sorry to break it to you... they don't and never will, you're screaming at the moon for shinning(or not shining).

The "win" from those threads is almost as stupid as being happy your city is SUNNY for a whatever "special" day and the city that wasn't SUNNY is some how the worse place ever.

TL;CR(Too long;Can't read): Performance tests are great to know which machine to avoid a game on in the rare case(in this new gen) that a game is actually unplayable. The way patches are frequently done there is usually a solution around the corner if one has horrendous performance. There's no "Winning" or "losing" it's more like "wait for a patch".
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Oct 26, 2018
I didn't even know who this fat DJ Khalid guy was till I kept seeing it in comparison videos. lol

Good to see they've toned down a lot as recent videos have Xbox doing well and there is no way anyone can say Xbox supporters have pasted in DJ gifs as much as PS fans.