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NFL Draft 2017 (Apr. 27-29) |OT| The Busts of Tomorrow...Today!

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Don't know anything about the incident, and most certainly wouldn't defend him if he did punch the victim. But just saw these tweets
John Kosko‏ @PFF_JohnKosko
Replying to @_PeteSmith_
Video surfaced that he only shoved her and she walked away with no injuries.

Ryan McCrystal‏ @Ryan_McCrystal
In regards to Brantley's incident, there's at least some reason to doubt the victim's claim, making it a reasonable gamble in 6th round

Again don't know anything about the incident and not defending him if this did happen. Add information about it if you know


I'm very pleased with the cowboys draft. 3 secondary players who should contribute immediately. Cole Beasley look alike. And taco athletic monster. This all pleased me


This is a first.

I'm good with every single pick that the Patriots selected. There wasn't many of them, but I had no problem with any of them. I think that Garcia could be our starting left tackle in 2018. The other people offer depth where we needed it.


I liked the Eagles draft. They went with production over talent which I think was smart. With even average CB and WR play last year the Eagles would've been a playoff team. So they drafted solid players that may not have been the best athletes but produced. Hopefully this'll all pan out

Patriots only made four picks
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