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NFL 2017 Week 1 |OT| - Look, Are You Ready for Some Football?

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So basically a repeat of last season's opener against the Panthers... I'll take it. Congrats to Vance on his first win. His timeout ended up winning it.
Someone get Bionic

Time to do it
Hope Koo has a glorious rest of season to make up for that robbery. The kick he got iced on was straight through the uprights with plenty of zip on it. :p


I knew some shit like that would happen. It's tough being a charger fan in SD. My heart can only take so much loss this year.


Jason Kidd murdered my dog in cold blood!
No, Rivers in his prime is far and away better than the Big Rapist, Ben got his first ring on bullshit and his second because Kurt Warner didn't complete the sacrifice of his first born.

Rivers is a perfect example of a good regular season QB who can't lead his team to success. Still a great career.
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