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Hideo Kojima announces Death Stranding Director's Cut for PS5


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The title of Kojima Productions is well and truly one of the productions benefiting from the brushstroke offered by the PlayStation 5, and this announcement comes in a typically "Kojimesque" video.
Death Stranding Director's Cut is therefore an improved version of the base game and seems to bring 60 fps as well as new content. This version will arrive soon on PlayStation 5.

More details in the coming weeks
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Mr Moose

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I'll happily pay £70 for this, one of my favourite ever games that I'd love to play again.

Director's Cut I don't get the naming of it as he was in full control BUT I don't care, I love Kojima content.

Also tease of MGS Remake and PS5 event coming soon??? HYPE MODE ACTIVATEDDDD
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