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Trailer Halo Infinite - Game Overview Trailer


Jun 10, 2019
But my question is why are people surprised by this? This is a cross-gen title, it has to work with the XB1. It was always going to pan out this way.

Halo Infinite is not a showcase for the XSX, and it was never going to be. I think people were expecting or hoping this wouldn't be true, but they were always on the losing side of that bet imo.

XSX will have other games which feel that need and, eventually, a next-gen exclusive Halo of some kind.
there is a thing about Halo (console seller) not doing its job from what it seems


Aug 27, 2007
Barcelona, Spain, Europe.
If they did give AI a body then they definitely wouldn't make her look like a booty call. The new model is much more realistic in that regard. I'm not sure how saying that it's my problem is any form of argument on your side. The point is the new AI is much more consistent with the theme of the game (serious military space shooter), no getting away from that.

The look of Cortana always stood out ftom the rest of female characters in the game, especially how oversexualised she was in 4. The new look brings uniformity, consistency and fits with the overall look and theme of the game much better.
She looked fine to me and never thought of her looking like a booty call or a sexualized being.
How was she sexualized? By giving her some particular proportions? What about real life women that have sinilar proportions? Are they sexualized? Are they evil? Should they cover themselves?

The problem lies with 2 things:
-Seeing anything femenine as "sexualized"
-Considering sex, evil.

When you put the 2 together is time for censorship and discrimination.
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Aug 5, 2007
A military AI would probably not have a body.
A.Is are based on human personalities in the Halo universe. And human beings evolved to be most effective at communicating with other human beings, not abstract digital displays.

Edit: See this article about how people are *more* productive when working with robots that are designed to make mistakes:

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Jan 24, 2021
I will sound like a hater, but for someone that has never played Halo constantly, what does that video is supposed to do for me, like I'm not impressed by anything, Am I missing something, for regular fans, it does look good? and if it does, why?
It's skill based gameplay, not the shoot someone first then they're dead of most other shooters. It's the sandbox game design, that every weapon and vehicle and equipment pick up has pro's and con's in equal measure. A wealth of options are available at any time that dwarf other games.


Apr 22, 2021
Man apparentky people have been getting invites for a while now. Fuck meeeee I need it


Apr 2, 2020
Man apparentky people have been getting invites for a while now. Fuck meeeee I need it
I remember Doctor Disrespect and Shroud teasing they were playing it like... two years ago? They've been doing internal flighting for a long time.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Halo Infinite may be a continuation of the Master Chief saga, but it represents a bold new era for the long running series. And despite numerous delays and reworks, Infinite remains a highly anticipated game for Xbox and PC players. Although Xbox and developer 343 Industries have only shown a few trailers of Master Chief's next adventure, there's plenty of information to mine out of them about the first mainline Halo entry since 2015. Here's everything we know about Halo Infinite so far.