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Bending Rodríguez (22, 1,729)
Apr 12, 2010
I totally agree. Go back and play some of those 8bit and 16bit games. That shit is tough.
My brother owned Deadly Towers. I spent a summer playing that mother fucker.

Still, Souls games are so much easier than Ninja Gaiden. I'm pretty bad at character action games though.

Lionel Richie

Jun 22, 2014
Dang, Lionel wanted to do it first.

You freaks.
Ok after some unexpected FOUL PLAY, can safely say the game is unlocked. Fucked about a bit in Mario 64, tried aiming with the Pro at the file select screen in Galaxy and thought it controlled well (which bodes well for the game, fuck using the joycons), jumped around in the boxes in the Sunshine file select screen. Looks good, smells good, I'm just too fucking tired to actually play these games tonight lol.

I actually wanted to check two things. Lag in Super Mario 64 and aiming with the Pro controller. Both are a-okay. No lag that I could tell and aiming felt natural.

Sub Boss

Mar 6, 2013
Ninja Gaiden really isn't that difficult in the grand scheme of things. It's nowhere nearly as difficult as Dark Souls-style games. It is a lot better, though.
Idk about Ninja Gaiden, but i already deleted Ni Oh once and im playing again, that thing is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls From games difficulty just doesn't compare (though i haven't played Sekiro) i wish it was a little less challenging tbh :^/ managing the loot is annoying too i wish they go back to NG and DoA


Bending Rodríguez (22, 1,729)
Apr 12, 2010
5 stars down and I've:

-Freed a massive chain chomp.
-Raced a turtle.
-Defeated the Bomb King in honorable sumo combat.
-Collected 8 red coins.
-Shot out of a canon multiple times.

Now to figure out how to activate the red blocks.


Jan 1, 2011
By the way, when you guys take a break from Mario, you really should watch that Miiverse romance. Been years since I've seen that thing, and my God... it's so uncomfortable. And reminds me of myself.
I’m guessing with your user name it was the time you experimented being a switch hitter . 👬
Hey it’s nothing to be ashamed about, we don’t judge.
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Mr Branding

Jul 5, 2018
Happy that Switch is getting Ori, absolutely stunning game for those who haven't played it.
I didn't but recently finished the first. I dropped it in the first lvls twice but this last time something clicked and pushed thru until the end credits. I loved the charming presentation and especially that soothing music. Platforming was ace but combat was eh..
Would you say the 2nd game is a clear improvement over the first or more of the same?

Also, I know about that NG leak rumor (which I've been thinking of ever since) but some folks here talk about it here like it's a given and I really hope I don't get my hopes up for nothing. I'll be there day 1 for NG on Switch.

It's really not that important which of the two games (DS or NG) is harder. Might be DS for some, NG for others, but what's important tho is which game is more fun to play at the end of the day, and for me NG stomps DS' slow and tedious gamemplay. After 3 completed From games, I think I had my fill of their flavour, and their games are somewhat designed to limit you purposefully. Hate stamina meters.
On the other hand, in NG, you're just a reflex away from a shredding a room full of enemies and Izuna dropping their asses. The games (NG3RE not that much) are super silky smooth, and I could never get tired of their combat.
Nioh (didn't play 2) was hard but to be honest it had it's moments. Some boss fights in that one made me pull my hair out (just kidding, I'm bald).


Oct 6, 2018
Has anybody here ever heard of the iQue? It's basically an N64 console in the shape of an OG Xbox Duke controller:

It released in China only in 2003 (two years after the release of the Gamecube) for a price of roughly $90 (calculated using today's exchange rate). The interesting thing is how it was ever permitted to get to market in the first place given China's ban on consoles in 2000. Sony tried to sneakily release the PS2 as an "entertainment centre", but they got swiftly slapped down by the Chinese government and so it never got an official release. Nintendo were a bit smarter, teaming up with a local company and keeping their own involvement in it very low profile. However, just like Sony, they weren't above using some creative descriptions of the device to make it sound like anything but a games console. They went with "3 dimensional interactive system", which sounds very educational and scientific in the original Chinese. Even the name "iQue" sounds like "IQ".

The was a little cartridge slot at the top on the controller/console. If you wanted a new game you would first purchase a game ticket/voucher, scan it in an ATM style machine and then insert your "memory cartridge" thing into the "N64 games ATM" and download your game of choice onto said cartridge, and finally insert it into you iQue and home:

Apparently, a pretty hefty deposit was required to install these game downloading machines, so not many shops ever actually installed one. It's a neat curiosity anyhow. I quite liked this ad for the machine:

Here's the video which alerted me to its existence (Chinese only, but there is an unboxing etc):

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Bending Rodríguez (22, 1,729)
Apr 12, 2010
The cannon is a little wonky and that slippery race track has a tricky turn, but the hardest part of Mario 64 so far has been reading signs. Stop Mario, just stop, don't jump, no, why are you ledge grabbing from a sign equal your height, damnit.


The nicest person on this forum
Mar 22, 2017
Do we know when Monster Hunter Rise will be available for pre-order? (for physical version)
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Dec 11, 2018
jealous your playing 64, one of my favorite N64 games when I was younger. It is a classic. They just switched my delivery from tomorrow to today so fingers crossed!
I finally got my copy sitting here at my desk while I wait for Google Technical support to undo the damage I just inflicted upon our test billing account. Maybe in ~3 hours I can play...
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Branded for life by her misdeeds
Aug 20, 2019
Galaxy is visually absolutely stunning. Sunshine looks pretty fucking impressive too.
Amazing how well these games hold up.
It’s genuinely surprising that Sunshine is visually holding up, after I just got done playing Odyssey of all things. It really looks mindblowingly great for an almost-20 year old game.

The weird thing is that it looks more impressive now than it did back then.