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What If…WHAT IF…NINTENDO GOES FULL …for this holiday!

You mean a SMB3 remake with New Mario Bros visuals?

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Nintendo already said that Switch 2 isn't going to be released this current fiscal year. I think it will be announced around CES and released maybe April-May.

That being said they probably do have one more big game to come out this year.
Yep. Likely launch with a new Super Mario game (Odyssey 2?) and likely a 'new' version of Zelda:TOTK which will take advantage of the new hardware (but I bet the current game would be playable on the system...just not upscaled)


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Back on topic, yeah I guess they could announce the next device this year.
IIRC, they said they wouldn't release a new console this fiscal year but I presume that doesn't mean they can't announce it (to release next fiscal year).
New hardware can't happen till after March 2024...
There was some bad reporting and Nintendo never actually said that. What they said is that they have only announced a hardware target for the original Switch.

So they could announce it Jan 2024 and release it March 2024 for example.


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Nintendo are always the sleeping monster that you don't want to wake up.
They went from wii u to switch outselling PS4 like it was nothing.
but then its the sequel they suffer, before the Wii U it was the Wii,

handheld wise they are usually all good, (virtual boy wasn't a handheld)


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Why are Nintendo fans like this?
like what? every console fan is like this, PC fans are like this but they judge you more because they believe they are the master race, which is wrong. they are just richer idiots, than console fans, who are just poorer idiots than PC Fans anf mobile gamers only are just idiots. we should all have fun... ok take care
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I said the ”full wizard” comment, being funny. But seriously. It seems likely to me, Nintendo announces something at the world event in Seattle in September.

Lots of rumors of a new Mario…

One would assume new 3d Mario would be kept for a next gen experience.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was left off the Mario collection. Could it be Mario Galaxy 2 HD?

Lots of people are speculating that it is a new 2d Mario. Ok, do we really think it is a new game? A game based on the movie? Doesn’t seem like a Nintendo thing to do. So, it seems possible that it is a 2d remake. Which game are you choosing to remake… Mario 3, Super Mario World, Mario 3d Land?

Nintendo won’t even acknowledge Super Mario 2. So, that seems out.

If this is even real…seems likely that it could actually be a “Deluxe” Remake of Mario 3. But moreover, it seems like something is going to be announced in September. Will be interesting to see.


There was some bad reporting and Nintendo never actually said that. What they said is that they have only announced a hardware target for the original Switch.

So they could announce it Jan 2024 and release it March 2024 for example.
Good point, looks like I should have checked the actual Japanese lol. Meanwhile I found this:

またNintendo Switchが2015年3月に「NX」として発表され、2017年3月に発売されたことを踏まえ「次世代機についても発表から発売まで間を空ける必要があると考えているか」(Q7)という質問については、「Nintendo Switch を発表したタイミングは少し特殊な情報発信のケースであったと考えています」と回答している。
The Nintendo president seems to have said that the timing around how they announced Nintendo Switch (ie announcing it conceptually as NX in 2015 before properly announcing as Switch in 2017) was a special case.
In that case, we should perhaps look at the gap between initial reveal (as a concept), announcement, and actual launch for some of Nintendo's previous consoles:


: announced publicly as codename Dolphin at Nintendo press conference.
2000: Formally name Gamecube at press conference in Japan in August 2000.
2001: Gamecube software lineup revealed at E3 2001.
2001: Launch price of $199 announced in May 2001.
2001: Launch in Japan in September 2001.

Nintendo Wii

: Announced conceptually under the codename "Revolution" at E3 2004.
2005: Console physically revealed (still as "Revolution") at E3 2005.
2006: Formally named Wii, a month before E3 2006.
2006: Announced to be launching "by the end of 2006" at E3 2006.
2006: Launched in North America and other regions between November and December 2006.

Nintendo Wii U

: Announced plans to release a successor to the Wii, to be released in 2012.
2011: Formally name Wii U and prototype available at E3 2011.
2012: Announced in September that the console would launch in November/December 2012 (US/Japan).

Based on the above, announcing the console in 2015 and actual releasing in 2017 isn't that weird by Nintendo standards.

I think if they were to announce it in Jan 2024 and release it in March 2024, that would almost definitely mean it's just a spec bump, otherwise (based on their past behavior) I'd expect Nintendo to spend more time "priming" the audience for what's to come (i.e., if the next console has a big new gimmick that needs explaining).
They could go hard with releases but depending how close their next console is, it would better to delay them and have a strong launch. I think we will see the next Mario as a launch title and Metroid Prime 4 as cross gen release similar to BOTW. I am surprised they haven't done the same for Pikmin 4.
Hahaha. Yes, indeed. 2d Mario it is. …Now that it is true…I’m going to make a new thread…but this is part of a larger question…. Switch 2 is closer than you think. IMO, Between November 2023 and May 2024. Going to be fun.
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