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For The Legend of Zelda series: Do you prefer the 2D games or 3D games?

Do you prefer 2D or 3D Legend of Zelda games?

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I've tried multiple 2D entries, but couldn't get into them. Finished none of 'em. I will agree that 2D games probably have a more consistent quality to them, whereas the 3D games can vary greatly.
I think if I had to make a list of my top 5 Zelda games; 3 would be 2D and 2 would be 3D.

This genre works incredibly well in either format. I voted 3D because Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time are two of my favorite games ever
My Three favorite Zelda games are 1. Link Awaking 2, Link to the Past and 3. Link between worlds. I guess you can say I'm a 2d fan.
Problem is that NES Zeldas are not that well remembered. You have also to take into account the huge player drain Nintendo had during Playstation 1 era and many players who did not return to Nintendo never got a chance to play the 3d games.

One reason I choose the 2d games, especially the NES ones. 3d games took a very long time to put the player into action and I never liked them. One reason I switched to Falcom Action RPGs, especially Ys, that have more in common with NES Zeldas

OoT was for the longest time the biggest game in the series.
For 3D zelda I do agree with some, at least for OoT, control issues aside OoT is good for an N64 game, which is why it did so well in the region that actually brought the N64, however it really was very bland and got worse the further you got in the game, backtracking across unlikely towns and fields, and performance issues. made it a turn-off. Among several other problems that were given a "pass" back then.

Majoras Mask tried to change that by having a real more atmospheric and interactive world. However, I believe majors mask should have moved development to the GameCube instead of being released on the N64 as, while they did a good job given the hardware, the N64 was still way to weak and too many compromise were made.

The first real Zelda 3D game that seemed to be made with the vision in mind was Twilight Princess since the Wii was basically a GameCube and it was a cross-gen release, so the hardware was taken into account and they were able to be ambitious without as many compromises, which is why the game is often highly regarded. Sadly they went back to compromising visions with Skyward Sword which should have been a Wii U launch title but what can you do.


3D for me. I've actually always struggled with the top down RPG view ever since the 8 bit days. Not sure why. I'm happy with top down shooters.

Also I love isometric view. So I've never understood why I don't like it.


2D all the way, LTTP is the GOAT for me. Then Zelda 2.

The 3D games I've played I just couldn't get into. I gave OoT a chance when it came out but wasn't feeling it. Then I played TP on Wii and wasn't feeling that either. I would like to try BotW though.
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