Bungie Is Hiring For Its Destiny Franchise Expansion Into Films, TV


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Earlier this year in February, Bungie announced that it is expanding the Destiny Universe “into additional media.” Today, the company has published a new job listing that suggests that the development for Destiny TV series, films, is going strong.

According to the listing, Bungie is looking for a “Senior Executive, Development (Film, TV, Transmedia)” who will “drive projects that extend the Destiny franchise into new categories including TV, films, books, comics and audio formats.”

“As a storyteller and “guardian” of the Destiny IP, you will identify, select, guide, collaborate, and provide feedback to third parties and partners enabling them to tell additional myths in the Destiny universe that delight our fans while capturing the hearts and minds of new audiences.”

“Work directly with Destiny Universe Leadership Team to coordinate productions, franchise plans, and cross/transmedia stories, as well as establish and execute against IP goals, and address potential conflicts between various efforts.”

Under the “Required Skills” section, it says that the company is looking for someone who has been “credited on multiple series/films.”

“Credited on multiple series/films with experience in animation, scripted television development or current programming, ideally from either a production or a development stand-point – at a network, studio or production company.”

Bungie Hiring Destiny Universe Movie Film TV Expansion

“Experience adapting and extending IP to new mediums. Experience in fictional novel and graphic novel publishing, either as writer, editor or publishing capacities,” the listing states under the “Nice-to-have Skills” section.
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Are there people still playing this?

And for once I'm not being even slightly sarcastic - I honestly don't think even a single person I know has even mentioned this game for over year...
People do, I do. It's one of the cheapest product with best gameplay game out there. 20$ for year content.

But it's fun only when you don't obsess.


Unless they're planning on releasing a D3 which will fulfill all the promise and hype of pre-release D1, kinda missed their window, no? Seems like the series hasn't been either mainstream or core for a while now. And despite epic moments, I wouldn't say that its story or lore was deep enough to warrant a movie. Honestly, a movie would remove the only thing I really liked about the Destiny games, the gunplay.

Still, maybe it'll be good.


Lore of Destiny is so deep, that movie adaptation would not make sense. And basic story is not that great.
So I wonder what would Bungo do

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So much promise squandered.

They had a super cool world and story, great gameplay… ok first one was fucked by development hell, time to seal the deal with destiny 2 and boom they drop the ball.

I blame Luke Smith.
Are there people still playing this?

And for once I'm not being even slightly sarcastic - I honestly don't think even a single person I know has even mentioned this game for over year...
It's doing incredibly well and shows no signs of slowing down. Most who have negative opinions about the game are ones who played D1 and then stopped early on. It's not a perfect game but really what is?

It has been a great game to grow with since day 1 and its at its best today than its ever been, they've really hit their stride with story telling within the season structure.


I'm not sure they can afford the kind of budget you'd need to make this show or movie not look completely jank.

Even Disney has struggled to make parts of the Mandalroian not look like trash with all the CGI.

Bungie needs to show a new IP maybe make a show for that.

I have a very hard time believing the "Destiny has deep lore" crowd.
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