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Alan Wake II - Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2021


Tag, you're it.
The game will be a survival horror


Alan Wake 2, the long awaited-sequel to Remedy Entertainment's award-winning 2021 psychological thriller will be available in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5 & Xbox X|S.


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Got scared, don't do this to me. Waiting for Zolpidem to kick in, so I can finally sleep and that caught me off guard and not in a good way.

Can't wait tho.


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Fuck yeah. Finally they got their shit together and admited Alan Wake is the only real deal.
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Cool news.
Shame about the not actual gameay trailer....like most stuff during this event
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What good is an Alan Wake trailer after the complete bait and switch of AW1? I'm a big Remedy respecter and still liked what they put out, but it sure ain't what was in the trailer.


PlayStation we did it!

Who would have thought years ago the prized xbox exclusive would be remastered on ps5 and the sequel too.

I loved control so might have to try the series out.


2023. No complay footage. Recoginizable face capture/voice actor, I believe... Forget about it for the time being.

Alan Wake. I can't help thinking this would be a much better game if combat almost never happened, and we could just explore with this dude.


I actually am still in shock that they are making this, I thought for sure Control would be getting a sequel. I am so fucking pumped for this!


Holy shit! I didn't watch the show and found this topic on page 3... So extremely hyped for this, the announcement I was secretly waiting for over 10 years!


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You could say that I was a fan of the original in some ways (except that the combat and enemies was way repetitive). But CGI, 2023 and Epic Games.. There's unfortunately not much to be excited over here.
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Show fell off a cliff for me after this announcement. I am very excited for this though.

Wonder whether it'll retain the flashlight based enemies? Survival horror seems fit for a flashlight element within the gameplay loop.
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