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‘Starfield’ Gets Infinitely Better With 100 ‘Star Wars’ Mandalorian Mods Installed


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Starfield just got hit with a patch that added things like maps and ship decorations, but as ever, the real long-term health of Bethesda games is from its mods. While Bethesda has yet to release its full mod suite for the game, players are already going hard, and DeityVengy has the most impressive collection I’ve seen so far.

The YouTuber took over 100 different mods and combined them all in order to make a Mandalorian-starring Star Wars action game using Starfield as its foundation. You can check it out in the video below:

The total list of mods and additions to the game to make this happen includes:

  • Mandalorian Suit
  • Star Wars Aliens
  • UC Empire
  • Freestar Rebels
  • Shadow Collective - Crimson Fleet Conversion
  • Star Wars Purge Troopers
  • Hugin's Ecliptic Bounty Hunters
  • Star Wars Weapon Replacer
  • Star Wars Aurebesh Conversion
  • Starfield HD Overhaul
  • Boostpack to Jetpack
  • Unified Camera
  • Slightly Better Weapon Icons

There’s a Google Drive with all the mods info here if you want to try and hack this together yourself.

If all of this looks or sounds familiar to you, it may remind you of not just one, but two cancelled Star Wars games. Most recently that would be Respawn’s cancelled shooter that was indeed going to be a Mandalorian-starring game. The second is way back in the pre-Disney days when Star Wars 1313 once looked awesome, and the rumor was it was half-converted into a Boba Fett game by the time it died. Now, we have Star Wars Outlaws coming relatively soon from Ubisoft, and while it’s a shooter, no Mandalorians.

As for Starfield itself, it should be a bigger year for the game with both better mod support and its big Shattered Space expansion coming later in the year as it tries to work its way into Bethesda’s pantheon of classics that are still highly played to this day. It’s certainly not there yet, but there’s a lot of potential there, specifically in the modding scene which is clearly on display here. Once even more tools and possibilities are available I can imagine how much crazier things can get.

For now, yes, I do think there are some cool things in the new patch worth playing around with, but many of the features are quality of life offerings that would better benefit new players than veterans. Ultimately, you may want to wait until the expansion itself to dive in.

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I've seen "Starfield gets infinitely better" part and thought it was about that recent patch, and then got disappointed it's just some mods lol


Those sounds when mando gets hit are hilarious.

Its going to take a few more years and proper mod tools for Starfield before i give it another shot, kind of hoping someone makes a good total over Star Wars modpack.


brb installing *checks notes* literally hundred mods to make this game somewhat tolerable

It was basically me with Skyrim.
Either that or force myself to play it only to crash after 1 minute(my brother would watch me and laugh after happening so).
I enjoyed my time with it, but honestly? i can't remember the last time i played a triple-a game with less personality than starfield. even most bad games manage to have at least some kinda personality...
I didn't play Starfield. Was the characters and assets the issue with the game ?
No, it was most missions being too long due to numerous loading screens in planet and off planet, causing large amounts of wait times for even the smallest of tasks.

Tl;dr, every quest felt like entering a set of server queues before finally playing them.

That’s why I’m waiting on a space removal mod.
Skins wont make the game better no matter how much you try/cope. Only way I will touch the game again is if the galaxy becomes seamless, no loading and the planets are less randomly generated and more humanly and uniquely crafted and with more unique side quests like the factions one.


hide your water-based mammals
PC gaming?

Mods make every game better. Why not Starfield? Agendas?
This isn't making the game better significantly enough. And when something reasonable on an Enderal level comes out, who would care then when most don't care on their level now? If this was Skyrim 2.0, which it is but in the wrong ways, we may be having a different vibe. Starfield isn't s good game and this missing isn't making it so.

When the real tools come out, that discussion will shift but again, how many dozens will care? Even Enderal was received by a niche community of modding fans on PC (me included).

The one decent thing this has going for it is it's on Gampass.

The end.


PC gaming?

Mods make every game better. Why not Starfield? Agendas?
Nah, this whole mods will make a game better is just plain nonsense. You have a game, sit down, play with it. Turns out it is shit, you don't like it. No mod will change that. Mods are for people who are totally into a fucking game and can't let it go, because they are trainwrecks who cannot cope without a daily shot of heroin.
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