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What's going on with Naughty Dog?

Will Naughty Dog Show Up At the Video Game Awards?

  • Yes, but with Cross Gen Factions and TLOU Remake.

    Votes: 55 21.1%
  • No. Neil Drunckmann has run the studio to the ground.

    Votes: 125 47.9%
  • Yes. Next Gen IP teaser, Next gen TLOU remake trailer, Next gen Factions. Neil's masterplan.

    Votes: 53 20.3%
  • No. Topher’s Choice.

    Votes: 28 10.7%

  • Total voters


Imagine not experiencing a masterpiece of fiction and the most awarded game ever made because the storytellers killed off a certain character.

I know rite?! It’s almost like
Halo without Masterchief
InFamous without Cole
Wolfenstein without BJ
Resistance without Hale

Creating a protagonist who people love to play, then switching them out for somebody new is a stupid move that rarely works well.
Btw, Sinthor Sinthor , I echo your sentiment. I used to be fond of Naughty Dog, but their recent endeavours have completely turned me off. I'm really not interested in their future output. There's a massive leap from who they used to be back in the day to what they stand for now. I'm sure their next project will be, technically impressive and visually stunning, but the content will probably not appeal to me at all.
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