What parts would you remove from your favorite games, to make them better?


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Halo 5

remove clamber, sprint, smart scope, groundpound, hover... :) they actually did a playlist some time ago like that and it just played so much better without all the clutter and the clunky feel of all the spartan abilities.
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Hard agree (on vials). I'm usually weighing Bloodborne and DS3 against each other when considering my favorite FromSoftware title and came to the conclusion the dealbreaker is the need, ever, to blood vial farm. There was a point deep in a chalice dungeon where I decided that I would just farm hundreds of vials and force the entire notion of farming out of my head to focus on the game and the boss I was trying to beat, and for a brief moment it became crystal clear to me that BB would clearly be the better game if this one thing was not in the game. I think what needs to be made clear to anyone who doesn't understand where we're coming from is how much we (well, me, anyway) value just being able to go again, immediately. And to use whatever flasks vials I have on me in a fight without worrying about depleting a stock. It's not that this is prohibitively difficult at all, but that the experience of playing these games is so involving that you don't want anything pulling you out of it for some bullshit. I want my mind focused wholly on whatever is in front of me, and needing to farm blood vials, at any point for any reason, no matter how inconsequential, draws me away from that and lessens the experience.

Small aside: Disagree on everything else in the game being amazing. There's a few issues I have with Bloodborne and most of them are very minor (by comparison). The biggest one off the top of my head is variety in boss design. This is an area where DS3 beats it handily; Bloodborne has too many large, flailing enemies who fill more than the whole screen up close as bosses. The game needed a few more really distinctive fights like the Shadows of Yharnam and Rom the Vacuous Spider. To Bloodborne's credit, most of these giant beast fights are also very fun, so this is really just a minor demerit. --- Only other thing off the top of my head is... some of the shortcuts being weird/dumb? Why is there a shortcut to Old Yharnam after Darkbeast Paarl? The best shortcuts too are the ones you don't see coming, like some of the ones in Cairnhurst and the "oh shit" shortcut from the Forbidden Woods back to Central Yharnam. --- Oh, duh, and obviously the game being 30fps.

There's a fair number of people that have complained about it actually. I made a map guide on gamefaqs and have gotten nothing but positive feedback - Allot of the comments go out of their way to call the puzzle itself tedious while commenting on my map. I'm not a huge contributor though so I don't have a point of comparison.

I disagree. All the mini-games are very video gamey, especially blitzball, but the experience of playing them is fun. I like the progression system in blitzball and the consideration of builds and status effects in fielding players, and getting yourself into a dominating position in the league is fun. Heck, I even like the lightning bolt dodging. If there's anything I don't like... it's probably some of the last races in the calm lands? I thought some of them are a little too difficult.
I would equip two runes to help increase the blood echos gained per kill. I’d just get 15-20k and replenish my stock. I was frustrated when that whole grind became tiresome. The DLC had some very good boss fights. Parrying makes the last two very doable. The optional boss was okay had we not been somewhat familiar with the move set.

The water room puzzle in the original Onimusha. The whole game wasn’t as difficult as that one puzzle.


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Dark Souls 3 > Bloodborne, I also don't like the way blood vials work. it's literally brainless farming in order to achieve the same thing as sitting down at a bonfire in DS3.

Demon's Souls has a similar issue, but here... at least from my experience, you get literally littered with grass and I actually have to send tons of them to the storage because my inventory hit the limit with all the different grass types in my inventory lol
also Demon's Souls is way easier IMO than any other Soulsborne
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on the saturn there is a odd ball rpg thing called dark savior, the game is generally excellent, but it has this absolutely nuts minecart sequence that grinds progress to a halt, suffice to say the game would be better off without it.
i would remove GWENT from witcher3

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