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Analysis [VGTech] Outriders PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Frame Rate Test (Demo)

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Sep 18, 2019
Man I read the relative thread on Era about the DF analysis. A guy has posted a couple of picture about the pc version saying it's the same graphic of the series X, to prove ps5 lightings is inferior to series X (weird but ok) and it's practically became a thing hearing them; others claimed it's practically the new trend (higher res Vs better performance) and it is again the pro Vs one X situation. Like the fuck is happened lately to such forum lol.
They live in their own bubble.

We left this open in the hope some actual conversation would take place, it's clear that this is not the intention of the thread. Instead of expending effort reply banning the usual culprits, we're just going to start closing these. We're not posting these video's just for a childish behavioural issue of one upping each other.
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