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[VGTech] Halo Infinite Multiplayer Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One X/S Frame Rate Test


Tbf the damn thing should never have been made imo. Was never a fan of it. But I get what they were going for.

You know the saying "you get what you pay for". Rings true here.
Series S was a smart move because everyone isn't looking for 4k & it doesn't matter to MS or 3rd party publishers if you're playing the game on SS or SX because it's still the same game being sold.

Also Series S would pretty much have the impose / gift for kids market to it's self if it wasn't for Switch.
The fact that one of the biggest games of the year isn't getting any comments in the VGTech or Digital Foundry threads is strange like everyone know they can't say anything about the pixel count without getting banned or something.
I would imagine people who care about this game are playing it.

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Or maybe proof that One X has a more powerful GPU and much higher bandwidth. 🤷‍♂️
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One X and Series S are close. Series S seems to pull off more 60 fps and has SSD, but I think One X can do 4k more. Not sure.

If I had to pick one of these two, I'd probably take One X. Has a 4k drive for my 4k movies (I dont have a dedicated 4 player), and the HDD is twice as big. Load times are crap vs. SSD, but not as bad as One OG.

Dont care about RT as it seems to tank performance in games.
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Think I’ll be performance for multiplayer and quality for the main game.

i know it’s mentioned a lot but it’s crazy how good scaling, or should I say reconstruction is. In multi I can see shimmering behind the Spartans on some diagonal line in performance mode when the round starts, but the rest of the image is so crisp at what I imagine is basically 1080p.

loving the 120 hz on the oled with VRR. I’m now platinum rank and the own age doesn’t stop.

for single player I’ll take the 60 fps and higher quality resolution etc.


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Ask Insane Metal , but anyway less important games spawn pages of back & forth but the Halo DF & VGT threads haven't made it past the 1st page

You must be correct onQ, there a Neogaf conspiracy that the mods will punish any negative talk on halo infinites pixels.....
343 with some amazing optimization across all platforms. Especially impressed with that 120fps mode on Series X. Love to see it, and this isn't even the gold build presumably.

I'm ready to play this thing already man.

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It's true. One X definitely has more GPU grunt and memory bandwidth to hit higher resolution/framerates, but Series S has new and improved GPU feature-sets among other things that One X completely lacks.

It was sarcasm. Of course the Series X is the superior console in every way. Its taking the shit on the bad idea that was the Series S.


Playing on my series S right now on 1080p/60Hz monitor performance mode & game looks grate and plays grate. Never saw framedrop or some graphic gliches, so game is grate for me.
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