Tribeca Games Spotlight Friday 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET Kena and more


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Out of fucking nowhere.

Wow this is super smart.

I wonder if we get stat if play in July for just overall PlayStation?

Kena show me Dem little cute furry bastards!!!


PC if you want to wait 1 - 2 years.

PS5 if you want IT NOW!

EDIT: Apparently coming out on PC on launch, good to know.
Yeah, it's an pc epic exclusive.

Seperately the tribeca game session or whatever its called has the other indie game that I am looking forward to as well.
It kinda does a little bit to me as well in some ways

EDIT: are the cutscenes actually in engine? Or real-time? Bc they are what looks better
Yeah from 30+ sec onwards - absolutely crazy good. Maybe they're in engine, but prerendered ? Whatever that might mean.
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