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things you can do instead of making an account suicide thread


1. Go to the gym. Grind like you never did before.
2. Contemplate what brings meaning in your life.
3. Impose self-discipline to do the things that will make your existence more bearable, despite the gut wrenching difficulty that will come.
4. After a while realize what a stupidly lame waste of your time your thread, your ideas and account "suicide" threads are.
5. Continue to impose self-discipline to forge an unbreakable work ethic and an unbeatable sense of responsibility.


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1. play some games. This is a gaming forum, we talk about games. Know what's the better option? playing the games you talk about
2. go out for a walk. Touching grass makes you at the very least 2.5x happier every time you do it. if you do that maybe you won't want to get banned
3. watch porn. Come. Take the edge off.
4. take a nap. you'll forget what you were mad about when you wake up
5. learn the difficult, nearly impossible task of connecting a PC to a TV, which you can view right here -----> https://www.neogaf.com/threads/a-short-guide-on-how-to-connect-your-pc-to-a-tv.1638915/
6. watch a movie. Get involved with another story and another plot. Afterwards you'll come back reinvigorated wtih new stuff to talk about
7. listen to music. nothing soothes the soul more than amazing music
8. go to another thread and talk there. you'll likely be less angry at the mods
Books don’t exist in your reality?


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Play a switch game at 30fps because this is the future of gaming according to digital foundry. Nintendo is once again in power.

Just in case people think I be serious. I’m a Nintendo fan so how could this be trolling ?
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